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Apple's videos from WWDC 2013 keynote: 'Intention,' 'Our Signature'

Apple has made two of the videos from yesterday's WWDC 2013 keynote available on YouTube. The first is the video that launched the keynote event, titled "Intention." The new advertisement that began showing last night, touting Apple's signature "Designed by Apple in California," is also avail...

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Ad exec Scott Trattner returns to the Apple fold at Media Arts Lab

Most of the hiring talk today is about Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch joining up with Apple, but there's been another interesting job switch in the Apple-sphere recently. Ad exec Scott Trattner has returned to work for the Media Arts Lab ad agency, after a short stint working for the design firm 72 and ...

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All 84 iPhone ads available in one place for your viewing pleasure

Yesterday we pointed you to an amazing compendium of Steve Jobs videos. Now Adweek has beat that by putting all 84 iPhone TV ads that have been released so far into one spectacular article. All of the ads were created by TBWA (branded in the U.S. as TBWA\Chiat\Day), with the first of the series br...

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One of tomorrow's announcements? iPhone HD (Update - it's a fake)

Pursuitist claimed to have photos from a "European insider at TBWA/Chiat/Day," the advertising agency for Apple worldwide. We'll send you to Pursuitist to view the photos in deference to their find, but we are showing you a photo (above) snapped inside of Moscone Center that displays the iPhone HD. ...

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An interview with the man behind the name "iMac"

This is a cool interview over at Cult of Mac -- you've heard of Steve Jobs of course, you know who Jonathan Ive is, you might have heard of Rob Janoff, but do you know Ken Segall's name? He's a former creative director from TBWA\Chiat\Day, and he has two claims to Apple fame: he worked on the "Think...

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New Apple Switcher-Cam ad will take over online media

The newest Get A Mac, ad from Apple will take over the front page of a number of sites this month. Created by TBW\Media Arts Lab, the ad takes over the page as PC chases switchers through various switcher-cam displays. Thanks to Ivan for sending it in, and Ads of the World for hosting i...

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