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Apps teachers use to tame the classroom and teach their students

It's the start of a new school year, which means you've probably got a stack of new books on your desk, a drawer full of new pencils and an iPad that desperately needs some new apps. TUAW is here to help you build a new app list, and we did so with the help of some friends. We consulted with stud...

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Silent Light helps teachers control the noise in their classrooms

Silent Light - Classroom Timer and Decibel Meter is a new app from the folks at Top Storey Apps. It was written by a pair of teachers for teachers to use in the classroom or homeschool environment. The premise behind the app is simple -- it uses the microphone on the iOS device to detect background ...

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Teacher's iPhone app scores tests, shares data quickly

Our colleagues at TechCrunch have an interesting story about Quick Key, an iPhone app that could be extremely helpful for teachers everywhere. Walter O. Duncan IV is a veteran teacher and the mind behind Quick Key, which is designed to score simple scantron tests (the old tests you complete by ...

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University iPad program reveals room for improvement

The University of San Francisco has revealed the results of a six month 2010 iPad study involving 40 faculty members that looked at how teachers could use the device as a tool in the classroom. The result: while many teachers found the device useful, all thought there was room for improvement. ...

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Older iPads donated to Teach for America participants

Teach For America is a program that recruits teachers fresh from the best colleges and universities and places them in low-income schools. To help them in the important job of instructing the next generation, teachers this year were offered a free iPad 1. According to Fortune 2.0, Apple colle...

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Tennessee school requires iPads of all 4th-12th grade students

Starting next year, fourth to 12th grade students attending the Webb School in Knoxville, Tennessee will be required to have an iPad for classes. Jim Manikais, technology director at the private school, said this new policy was designed to let students "use that technology whenever they need it." Cu...

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Schools in Singapore issuing iPads to teachers and students

Reuters is reporting that, at an initial cost of S$135,000 (about US$100,000), a pilot program handing out iPads to 140 students and 10 teachers at Nanyang Girls High School, Tampines Secondary School, Nanhua Primary School and Dunman Secondary School in Singapore aims to replace textbooks and incre...

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This Apple really is for the teacher (and students)

iPads for high school students? Yes, thanks. The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that Monte Vista Christian School has 60 iPads ready to serve advanced placement students with e-books instead of the clunky old paper variety. The pilot project may expand to more students if all goes well. Teachers lov...

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Sal Soghoian talks Automator use in education

Total Apps has published a nice guest post from Sal Soghoian, Apple's Production Manager for Automator, intended for teachers. He describes how educators have a limited amount of instruction time with the kids, and even less for maintenance tasks like making sure the proper software is installed, th...

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Apple Stores welcome kids via Field Trip

Letting a bunch of kids loose in a candy store might be a sticky mess, but letting them loose in an Apple Store should be a delightful, brushed metal and glass wonderland of fun. Right? That's the idea behind Apple's new Field Trip program for elementary, middle and high school students and their te...

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Planbook: Lesson planning for teachers, Mac style

In an education world where parents make all the decisions and administration knows less about teaching than the students, teachers can use all the help they get. While I wait for Assistants R Us to open in the Denver area so I can take some of the burden off my wife's high school English-teachin...

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