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How to assemble an iPad the Conan O'Brien way

Conan O'Brien's Team Coco DIY series recruits comedic actor Matt Walsh to show you how to assemble your own iPad using only household items. One word of caution -- don't try this at home. Save it for the garage. ...

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Conan O'Brien on Apple's growing iPad lineup

Conan O'Brien is back again with another Apple parody, poking fun at Apple's growing lineup of iPads. He mocks Apple's talking head-style promotional videos that mix product shots with brief statements by Apple's designers and engineers. In the clip, Team Coco adds several models to accompany t...

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Conan O'Brien pokes fun at Siri

Siri is quickly becoming everyone's favorite personal assistant. It helps you navigate, sends messages on your behalf and provides quirky answers to life's most difficult questions like "Where do I hide a dead body?" Siri's capacity for juvenile amusement was not lost on Conan O'Brien who used ...

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