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New Apple TV teardown reveals 8 GB Flash storage, 512 MB RAM

XBMC forum member aicjofs tore down his Apple TV while waiting for a jailbreak and discovered the unit has 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of on-board storage. It also has a dual-core A5 processor identified as APL2498, which suggests it is a variant of the standard A5 found in the iPad 2. There's also ...

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iFixit tears down the new 15-inch MacBook Pro, 2011 model

iFixit got its hands on a brand new 15-inch MacBook and tore the machine down to its Tri-wing screws and heat sinks. The latest generation machine shares a lot of similarities with its aluminum unibody predecessors including the same case design and a similar layout of internal components. Most...

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iFixit opens up the iPhone 4

As expected, the tool-minded folks at iFixit have torn down an iPhone 4 and posted its inner workings for all to see. There are plenty of juicy high-res photos and details here. The story of how they got their phone is even more interesting than what they found inside. Kyle was all set to hop a f...

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TechRestore's stop-motion iPad tear-down video

Right on launch day, iFixit totally disassembled an iPad, offering eager eyes a wealth of information on what's under the hood. Now TechRestore has created a stop-motion video of the entire tear-down and reassembly process in just over three minutes by stitching together 1675 frames. It's fasc...

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3rd gen iPod touch teardown: 802.11n potential and room for a camera?

Just this morning, we linked to the results of iFixit's iPod nano teardown. Hours later, we have the opportunity to dive into their 32GB iPod touch teardown. There are definitely a few interesting tidbits about what Apple did and did not do with the iPod touch this time around... and possibly some h...

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iFixit tears apart the 5th Generation iPod nano...nicely

The pioneers at iFixit are at it again, this time exploring the Loop's newest, coolest gadget -- the iPod nano. According to their measurements, this iPod is as thin as it could possibly be, and more densely packed than any previous Apple device. I work on iPods at my day job, but I'm afraid to star...

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New MacBook Pro tear-down

It's only been about 12 hours since the new MacBook Pro's were released and already someone has posted a tear-down online. AnandTech has a full gallery of pictures showing the tear-down process. Interestingly enough, AnandTech's Anand Lal Shimpi reports that while the MacBook Pro's processor got an ...

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