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Tech support heroes DO exist

Ahhhh, tech support. It's either really, really good, or it sucks. Usually, all we hear about are the situations where somebody spent four hours on the phone with someone in Mumbai who was reading a script, or the know-nothing person who decided to hang up on you after you suggested that they migh...

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Tech support for iPhone is cheaper than BlackBerry, Android

Research into IT administration has already shown that Macs are cheaper to manage than PCs. According to analytics firm ClickFox, the same is true of the iPhone versus its competitors. InfoWorld reports that ClickFox found the iPhone requires far less tech support from the carriers than phones ...

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Survey: Apple's lead in tech support satisfaction is slipping

According to a survey [PDF] of over 4,000 customers, satisfaction with Apple's phone-based support is slipping, while other computer manufacturers like HP are gaining. Apple is still the undisputed leader with 58% of Apple customers saying they were "Very Satisfied" with their experience. Though ...

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Consumer Reports still hearts Macs

Consumer Reports continues to shower praise on all things Apple it seems. In a report in the June issue, the Magazine says Apple won the top three places in the 13 inch laptop derby. The unibody MacBook was in first place, followed by the MacBook Air, with the white plastic MacBook in a solid third ...

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A is for AppleCare

Laptop Magazine has run their Tech Support Showdown once again, testing the quality of tech support from various notebook computer vendors. And once again, Apple take the top spot with A's across the board. Gateway (surprisingly?) joins Apple as the only other vendor with an overall A. Apple maintai...

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Belkin replaces defective iPod remotes

After some Canadian customers reported technical issues with the remote control packaged with their Belkin TuneCommand AV units, Belkin started marking affected packages with information stickers and set up this page for Canadian customers to request a free replacement. If you purchased an affected...

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Working in AppleCare

Ever wonder what the AppleCare rep you're talking to really thinks about you and your problem? Well, after reading this you might not want to know. Adam Knight has recently left his job in AppleCare for greener pastures and he has written a lengthy post about what it was like. It seem that there was...

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Apple tech support chat live

Jan wrote about this the other day, but it looks like Apple has made tech support via chat live for the whole Mac community. Simply sign in with your Apple ID, and you are  presented with a list of products Apple knows you have (you do register your Apple products, right?), a list of possible i...

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