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Apple responds to Flashback trojan, promises removal tool

In a tech note published today, Apple discussed the Flashback trojan (past coverage here) and reminded users of OS X 10.6 and 10.7 that they should install the April 3 Java update to remove the vulnerability that the malware uses to infect Macs. For users of OS X 10.5 Leopard or earlier, Apple ha...

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Apple addresses Lion server issues with new technotes

If you run Lion server and have problems with podcast streaming or want to view local volumes on your server, you'll want to read two new technotes on Apple's support site. Spotted by MacNN, they will tell you how to setup https to serve up podcasts and how you can tweak your settings to view a m...

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iPhone: What is DFU mode, and what's the difference from recovery mode?

In the past couple of days, we've seen reports here and there of iPhones getting stuck in a restart loop. The black screen with the Apple logo shows up, holds for a while, and then disappears again; repeat ad infinitum. While it's not clear yet exactly what's triggering the issue (the complaina...

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iDisk for iPhone release hinted at via phantom tech note

We've been waiting and waiting for the official iDisk app for iPhone 3.0 devices -- since WWDC, in fact, when the capability for the Apple-branded file sharing solution was first announced. Now there are hints that the app may actually be on the way. Yesterday, the tech note above briefly appeared ...

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