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The MacBook Air's unique display

The folks at TechRestore have taken it upon themselves to remove the gloss from Apple's MacBook Airs. In the process, they've discovered that the laptop's multi-layered display is truly a thing to behold. Calling the screen "paper thin," TechRestore CEO Shannon Jean tells ZDNet how the display di...

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TechRestore takes some of the gloss off of new MacBook Air with matte screen option

While there is generally no arguing with the aesthetic qualities of products that come from Apple, that beauty does sometimes come at the expense of functionality. A case in point is the unfortunate trend to glossy screens on Apple's portable computing devices. If all you do is gaze at your MacB...

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TechRestore's stop-motion iPad tear-down video

Right on launch day, iFixit totally disassembled an iPad, offering eager eyes a wealth of information on what's under the hood. Now TechRestore has created a stop-motion video of the entire tear-down and reassembly process in just over three minutes by stitching together 1675 frames. It's fasc...

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Axiotron Modbook upgrade: not quite 2 minutes, but overnight ain't bad

If you have $1,149 to spend, TechRestore can convert your MacBook into an Axiotron ModBook overnight during the work-week. They've put together a little stop-motion video, even, to show you how it's done. The $1,149 price is good through March 6. Overnight delivery options are an extra $29 to $99,...

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Apple TV overnight upgrade services debut

Worried about ruining more than the warranty of your Apple TV whilst trying the DIY hard drive upgrade? Then why risk getting your hands dirty - TechRestore and MacService are more than happy to take care of the heavy lifting for you. Both companies have recently debuted overnight Apple TV hard dr...

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Look inside Apple TV

You've seen the unboxing pics, and the setup pics, and now you can check out what the Apple TV looks like on the inside. Those wacky people at TechRestore got their hands on an Apple TV and did what any of us would, ripped it apart. There isn't anything too shocking in that little box, but it looks...

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