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Tocomail for Gmail puts parents in control of teens' email

Tocomail for Gmail is a kid-friendly Gmail client designed specifically to make emailing a simpler and safer experience so that parents don't have to worry. The vibrant, colorful UI and fun tools is sure to grab the attention of young ones while the robust control over who they can communicate wi...

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Piper Jaffray: Half of US teens own an iPhone, iPad very popular

Piper Jaffray has published a "Taking Stock with Teens" report [PDF] that examines US teenagers' buying habits. The study looked at two groups of teenagers around 16 years of age: 1,600 from upper-income families and 3,600 from average-income families. The study found that nearly half (48 perce...

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Data usage sticker shock: How I learned to freak out when my daughter used my iPhone 3GS

I tend to be a pretty light data user. As the chart here shows, my monthly data consumption rarely exceeds the 200 MB mark. After all the events of this week, with AT&T announcing its new, and quite limited, data plans I decided to hop over to my iPhone account page and see how I was doing in...

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