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Tag: teens

Piper Jaffray: Half of US teens own an iPhone, iPad very popular

Piper Jaffray has published a "Taking Stock with Teens" report [PDF] that examines US teenagers' buying habits. The study looked at two groups of teenagers around 16 years of age: 1,600 from upper-income families and 3,600 from average-income families. The study found that nearly half (48 perce...

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WWDC, junior edition: WSJ talks to young developers

Paul Dunahoo has only made US$8,000 on his iOS app business, according to the Wall Street Journal, but, not surprisingly, the 13-year-old developer is happy with his profits. In what's becoming a growing trend, Dunahoo and other young developers like him are pursuing their interests by spending t...

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Small survey finds school IT managers expecting iPads

The iPad may make further inroads into education, thanks to the popularity of the device among teens. According to a report in AllThingsD, investment firm Piper Jaffray surveyed 18 public school IT managers about their future tablet plans and discovered that 78 percent are testing iPads. School...

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New study questions extent of iPod-induced hearing loss

Have you heard? Apparently iPods cause hearing loss. A Journal of the American Medical Association study published in August found that 14.9 percent of teenagers aged 12-19 suffered from hearing loss from 1988-94; 19.5 percent of the same age group had hearing loss from 2005-06. Throw in another s...

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The worst app name. Ever.

Sometimes app developers will send me PR releases hoping I review their apps (thus increasing their sales). If I think it's a good app, or that my readers would like it, I do. Many times I don't, however. But I couldn't resist sharing this app with the rest of the world. Why? Not because it's a good...

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The kids are iAlright, says Gene Munster

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says more kids want iPhones. The Apple 2.0 blog has Mr. Munster hanging out with high schoolers for one of his semi-annual surveys of teen buying habits in the US. In a research note on the survey, Munster said, "Apple's dominance in the [consumer electronics] a...

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iPod touch passes iPhone in holiday app downloads

Well, Merry Christmas to the iPod touch! According to mobile analytics firm Flurry, iPod touch downloads from the App Store saw a nice 1000% jump on Christmas Day, presumably due to all of those new iPods being unwrapped from under the tree. That surge sent iPod touch downloads up above iPhone do...

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Canada to outlaw iPods in the car for youngsters?

Grant Robertson at The Digital Music Weblog (a sister blog) has dug up details on a move from the Canadian Automobile Association to pressure provincial governments in Canada to ban younger drivers from using electronic devices, such as mobile phones and MP3 players, in the car, eh. While some think...

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