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Tekserve CTO speaks out on the trouble with managing iPad business migrations

Macworld has a fascinating interview up with Aaron Freimark, the CTO of NYC's well-loved independent Apple retailer Tekserve. Freimark's current job is to help companies do something we've talked about here quite a few times before: implement iPhones and iPads into their business environments. ...

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Origin Stories: Tekserve

Tekserve is a much-beloved Apple repair and sales shop in Manhattan. Our own Mike Rose has been a customer, and profiled the shop a little while ago. In the video below, I speak with Tekserve's CTO, Aaron Freimark about how Tekserve began, and a short history of Manhattan's longest-open Apple...

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8 clever iPhone headphone tricks from Tekserve

You see them everywhere -- the ubiquitous white iPhone headphones. For many people, they're just a way to listen to your tunes and look cool, but to the Apple Specialists at New York City's Tekserve, the standard Apple headphones a powerful tool for controlling your iPhone. Tekserve's Chris D...

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New York's Tekserve gets major facelift

It's one of New York's great indie Mac retailers, made famous by Sex and the City and made successful by thousands of loyal customers... but, if we're going to be frank about it, it was a little bit cluttered and cramped. That's why the team at Tekserve spent most of the Memorial Day weekend ri...

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A bit of [Big] Apple history: visiting Tekserve

It may have lost a bit of luster compared to the chrome, glass and steel of Apple's nearby retail stores (one within easy walking distance, in fact), but there's no denying the draw of New York City's original Apple emporium, the delightfully idiosyncratic Tekserve. Featured on an episode of Sex an...

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Steep discounts on Microsoft Office 2008 for Friday

Say what you will about Microsoft Office 2008, but even with the advent of productivity suites in the cloud and from the open source world, there's still a lot to be said for having the industry standard package tucked away on your Mac in case you need it. If you don't own it yet, you might consider...

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Tekserve joins in the discount Friday fun

NYC's venerable Mac retailer Tekserve has posted a list of discounts for its post-Thanksgiving one day sale, available in person or on phone orders. The savings include a steep 30% discount on the Elgato EyeTV Hybrid and Turbo.264 units; a $300 savings on the previous-edition 24" iMac, $40 off a LaC...

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Found Footage: Tekserve iPod ad

Those wacky folks at Tekserve took about $60,000 worth of iPods, lined them up, and made this ad and then they sent it to the Consumerist..  Check it out, and if you are in the New York City area you should check out Tekserve. It is an experience. Thanks, Kim....

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