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Tag: telekinesis

iPhone as a touchpad

I love this. Reader Jahanzeb sent us a little mini-app he cooked up out of vnsea that turns your iPhone into a touchpad for your PC (and Mac, I assume, though the video above shows Windows). Once you've got the two talking to each other, you can click, double-click, and even dr...

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Create your own iPhone remote application

One of the good things about the "very sweet solution" of iPhone development is that you don't need any special tools or too much knowhow to create neat applications-- if you know a little HTML, a little PHP, and have access to a text editor, you can come up with some pretty cool stuff. This tutoria...

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Telekinesis puts your Mac desktop onto your iPhone

Talk about cool. Alan Quatermain read about Telekinesis over at Daring Fireball and tipped me about it. It's a new OS X program from the creator of QuickSilver that serves your computer up as webpages. Load the iPhone remote software onto your Mac and you can use your iPhone to access your camera, ...

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