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Newer Technology's GripBase Podium is perfect for hands-free iPad use

There are going to be a lot of very happy musicians, public speakers, and presenters around the world now that Newer Technology has introduced the US$49.99 GripBase Podium. Combining an adjustable-height stand with a sturdy base and a protective iPad case/holder, the GripBase Podium makes easy to ...

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Apple patent shows teleprompter tool may come to iMovie and Final Cut Pro

It's no secret that Apple gear is big in video production. The iPhone has been used to produce and edit news stories in the field, at least one Texas reporter shot a complete story on an iPad 2 and The Daily, a newsmagazine for the iPad, has done that as well. Patently Apple reports that Apple is w...

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Daily Mac App: Teleprompt+

Teleprompt+ has been around for awhile for iOS, and developers Bombing Brain just released a version for the Mac. Launching the program gives you a two-panel window with one side showing your scripts and the other your work area where you can type out your main speech, then use the menu on ...

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SeeEyE2Eye Webcam Periscope and Teleprompter

SeeEyE2EyE is an strange, but sort of cool hardware device that hooks up to your Mac to serve double duty as a teleprompter or iChat (Skype, etc.) video chat assistant. Basically, it's a kind of periscope arrangement that will project a small part of your screen to an angled transparent surface in f...

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