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Blue Maestro Tempo Bluetooth Smart Thermometer: Keeping tabs on your local environment

When I first heard about Blue Maestro's Tempo Bluetooth Smart Thermometer (£29.00, or about US$48), it was shortly after I had a conversation with a new friend about creating such a device. Ron, who I met on a recent cruise vacation, had wondered aloud why there wasn't an accessory for the i...

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Infrared images show new iPad screen running warm

Remember when we said there were reports that the new iPad was running hot? Thanks to the folks at Tweakers.net, we now have some quantitative measurements to support these observations. The Dutch website ran a GLBenchmark test on the new iPad and the iPad 2 and compared the infrared profiles...

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iPad-equipped kegerator knows how much you've had to drink

Those wily engineers at Yelp have combined a scary amount of the things I love into one device. They've taken a keg and tap, an Arduino, an RFID reader, and an iPad and turned them into an amazing kegerator. The device not only tracks who's been drinking but also tracks information about the beer...

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iPad class action lawsuit heats up

I guess when you're the big guy in town, everybody paints a target on your back. First, Apple and AT&T were sued for the data plan change on the iPad, and now another class action lawsuit about the iPad is underway in California, claiming that the tablet overheats way too quickly when held or p...

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Treat your batteries right

Ars Technica has a short guide up to treating your iPhone, laptop, and iPod batteries right. Contrary to popular belief, it seems the best way to wear out a battery before its time isn't spending too many charge cycles-- it's heat. Charge cycles are equivalent to normal wear and tear on batteries-- ...

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Widget Watch: miniStat2 v1.81 adds Intel Mac temp, more

While I'm still a bigger fan of the iStat pro widget, miniStat2 definitely wins points for compactness, creativity and for quickly incorporating a monitor for Intel Mac temperatures. Other updates include the ability to change the currently monitored network interface right from Network tab of the w...

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Take your Mac's temperature with Temperature Monitor

Here's a timely piece of freeware. With Temperature Monitor, you can keep a watchful eye on your Mac's CPU temperature, either PPC or Intel. Select either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and watch your Mac heat up and (occasionally) cool down via the dock or menu bar (or both). Temperature Monitor requires M...

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CoreDuoTemp 0.8

CoreDuoTemp, the handy little app for monitoring your Intel Mac's temp, CPU usage and frequency, has been updated to version 0.8. New features include: window position saved menu extra indicator new panel prefs correction of the English translation German language added You can grab you...

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Widget Watch: SysStat nano

SysStat Nano is a great little system monitoring widget (similar to MiniStat 2) that gives you a quick, birds-eye view of various system statistics. Your processor, used memory, hard drive usage, IP and (very handy) external IP, amongst other things, are all at the press of a key. While SysStat Nano...

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