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Create Evernote 5 template notebooks with AppleScript

Evernote 5 is a wonderful app for gathering information and keeping it organized and synchronized between your devices. In Evernote, you create notebooks and fill them with notes. These notes can be anything - thoughts, web clippings, files, photos, audio, etc. Whenever you need to recall informat...

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iPhone Screentaker updated with iPad templates

Fabian Kreiser has recently updated his screen capturing app for Mac OS X to include support iPad screen captures. Like previous iterations of the app, version 1.2 of iPhone Screentaker allows you to add certain design elements to your iPad screenshots. These include encasing them an iPad and setti...

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Free iPhone Keynote and PowerPoint templates help get you from thought to finish has created both Keynote and PowerPoint templates of iPhone UI elements, and has made them available as free downloads. Say you had a dream in the middle of the night about the most awesome iPhone app that, to your surprise, no one has thought of yet. Instead of waking up in a deep sw...

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motionVFX: 40% off for TUAW readers

Since we last wrote about them, motionVFX has expanded their selection of high def templates for Apple's Motion significantly. The website is just as easy to navigate as it was before, but there's a lot more content fit for professional video work or great starting points for custom titles, intros a...

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New iWeb themes from Jumsoft

iWeb 2 (the iLife '08 version, that is) comes with an assortment of 26 different themes, but if you're tired of trying to mod the Comic Book theme for your new blog, you may want to look at ten new iWeb themes from Jumsoft. There's a good assortment of styles in the Jumsoft collection. I personally ...

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High-res Motion templates at motionVFX

motionVFX, a new source of templates for Apple Motion, is offering 2d and 3d templates prepped at 1920x1080 and 24fps. The 10 second clips are downloadable for $10, so I took one for a spin. There are rare circumstances when I would use a template for a finished piece, and motionVFX has a relatively...

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iSale updates bring Safari 3 compatibility and over 200 templates

Whether you make a living from buying and selling on eBay or you merely sell off your basement junk when it gets too crowded down there, iSale is a fantastic eBay client that merges the wonders of Mac OS X with the world's leading online marketplace. Offering beautiful tempaltes, WYSIWYG auction ...

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Pages Templates 1.0

Despite its baby-app shortcomings, I'm finally beginning to warm up to Pages. It's a very Apple-esque word processor (surprise surprise) with all the power I need without having to deal with the behemoth that is Microsoft Word. That said, I've been finding Pages a bit short on templates lately, and ...

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TUAW Tip: Stationery Pad option makes a template of any file

The Finder's Get Info window (View > Get Info or cmd-i) is one of those unsung heroes of Mac OS X computing. It houses a lot of great options, and Stationery Pad is one of them. If you have any kind of workflow where you need to repeatedly modify some sort of a file template, checking this option...

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iLifeStuff releases additional iWeb templates

A few weeks ago, we pointed to iLifeStuff, a site that creates alternate templates for Apple's iWeb. At the time, they had three templates available and they've since added three more: "Pink," "Light" and "Green." You can buy any individual template for $12.99US, or get all six for $29.99US. You can...

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iLifeStuff offers iWeb templates

If you're like me (impatient and easily distracted), you've already grown bored with the default iWeb templates. You should visit iLifeStuff. They've got three original iWeb templates for sale, namely, "Water," "Wood" and "Yellow." You can buy any individual template fo...

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