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Tag: tennis

Five apps to celebrate the weird and wonderful world of Wimbledon tennis

It's been a wild first week at Wimbledon 2013 with 13 people dropping out, reports of slippery grass and major upsets that ousted champions like Maria Sharapova. Check out these five apps below and get your tennis fix as you watch the second and final week of this prestigious tennis tournament...

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Feral Interactive bringing two Sega Sonic games to Mac

I can't say that I'm a huge fan of Feral Interactive: They're a company that specializes in porting games from other platforms over to the Mac, and I'm more interested in natively developed and published Mac games. But I have to respect them nevertheless: Feral picked up an Apple Design Award...

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TUAW at E3: Real Tennis 2009

The last preview we've got for you from E3 last week isn't really a preview -- Real Tennis 2009 was the first game due out from Gameloft that we played in their party bus outside the Los Angeles Convention Center, and sure enough, it's out right now in the App Store for $4.99 (all of the games we...

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Found Footage: TouchSports Tennis '09

The nonstop action of tennis is what makes it so appealing to legions of fans. Now Handheld Games is bringing that thrill to your iPhone or iPod touch with TouchSports Tennis '09 (click opens iTunes). TouchSports Tennis '09 has incredible 3D graphics, and makes full use of the touch and tilt...

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Widget Watch: The 2006 Australian Open

Today's widget is a Dashboard widget by Anson Parker. The 2006 Australian Open widget lets your browse scheduled matches, resulting scores and even view pictures of the competitors. Moving between matches, players and dates is easy. It's kind of large with the photos displayed, but there's an...

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