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Firefox Retina display support almost here

TechCrunch is reporting that Firefox has inserted support for Apple's Retina display into its nightly builds, which means the official release will be in the public's hands very soon. Unfortunately, "very soon" in this case may mean "not soon enough" for many users -- while the Aurora release o...

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iPhone 5 battery journal and torture testing

I think the best tests of a battery are real-world ones. Rob Pegoraro tested his iPhone 5 in everyday life and found that it matches up great with competitors. My favorite quote: "Each figure beats any Android phone I've tested on an LTE signal, although some 3G models have done better." In...

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Don't forget to change your Blizzard Authenticator with your new iPhone

Apple has made switching over your iPhone when you buy a new one very easy, but there's one other task you may need to undertake, especially if you're one of the many players of the popular World of Warcraft game out there (or Diablo III, or Starcraft II, or other Blizzard games): You'll need t...

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Study: iPads improve Kindergarten literacy scores

Apple is pushing for iPad use in education, and several schools have taken up the charge. Now, a study of kindergarteners in Auburn, Maine has shown that students who use iPads score better in every literacy test than those who don't. The study focused on 266 children whose instruction featured th...

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App developers skirt Apple's 100-device testing limit

The Wall Street Journal reports that some big iOS developers are having a real issue with Apple's limit on testing devices. According to the App Store rules, developers are restricted to 100 devices for testing via ad-hoc distribution. That may sound like a lot (and it likely is for small or in...

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Developers get a new build of 10.7.2

As 9to5Mac reports, there's a brand new build of Lion 10.7.2 out there in the wild for developers, featuring focused work on iCloud, the Mac App Store, MobileMe, and a few other places like Mail, Spotlight, Time Machine, and even things like the AddressBook and graphics drivers. This is build...

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iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 JavaScript benchmarks show big performance gains

Some of the first speed tests coming in show that hardware and software improvements in the iPad 2 are giving it decent performance gains over its predecessor -- and over rival devices. CNET UK decided to spend its brief hands-on time with the iPad 2 by running the SunSpider JavaScript Benchm...

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TUAW Tips: 25 ways to check the hardware on your iPhone 4

I received my second replacement iPhone 4 yesterday. Considering the issues my first two iPhone 4 units had, I wanted to make absolutely certain, in as little time as possible, that this replacement unit didn't have anything wrong with it. Before I even picked it up from the store, I started putti...

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Rumor: Apple's iTravel being previewed in other markets

Last week, Patently Apple got a hint of a new app/service from Apple called iTravel, an official app that would allow you to make and check-in travel reservations with just your iPhone. Apparently it's farther along than we thought, because a new app co-sponsored by Apple in a Montreal newspaper ap...

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TUAW Talkcast tonight at 10pm Eastern

Our trademark talkcast goes on the air once again this evening at 10pm Eastern, and it's going to be a heck of a show. We're right in the middle of the runup to the iPad, so we'll be talking about Apple's rumored scramble for content deals, those test units hidden in the wild, and the doors opening ...

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iPads sent out to select developers, kept under cover for now

Last week at GDC 2010, I talked to quite a few iPhone developers, big and small, and they all told me exactly the same thing when I asked about the iPad: "No, I haven't gotten my hands on one yet." But apparently there are at least a few developers out there who've gotten test models from Apple, acc...

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iSimulate brings iPhone apps to the big screen

Apple's iPhone simulator built into Xcode is nice, but it doesn't completely replicate the actual feel of playing with an iPhone (not to mention that things like multitouch and accelerometer info can't be tested on screen). Enter iSimulate, a new app from a company called vimov. In conjunction with...

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Speed test comparing iPhone 3G, 3GS, and Palm Pre has surprising results

Gadget fans can fight endlessly about which device is faster than which, without resolution or relief. Fortunately for the weary, Medialets has found common ground between a few of the most popular smart phones to use as a racetrack. According to Medialets, there is a common benchmarkable technolog...

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Sway releases a free version

If you haven't yet tried Sway, the game from Illusion Labs and ReadyFireAim, now's the perfect time to do so. They've released a free version of the game that limits you to three levels and just two characters, but it's enough to try out the really unique control scheme. Back when I first posted a...

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Espresso testers selected, beta coming late November

If you've been salivating for a shot of Espresso, the upcoming integrated web development environment for Mac OS X, you'll have to wait just a little bit longer. An email sent this morning by the developer, MacRabbit's Jan Van Boghout, confirmed the status of those accepted into the beta program, b...

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