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Another stealth tethering app will probably be pulled off the App Store any second... (Updated)

Update: It's been yanked. These things tend not to survive long in the wild, but it's your $2, have fun: audio capture iPhone app DiscoRecorder apparently has a secret, and it's an Easter egg proxy server. If you follow a rather rococo set of network config steps (detailed by 9to5Mac), make a...

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Tether for iPhone returns as an HTML5 app

Last year, iTether hit the App Store and was promptly pulled when Apple discovered it let customers share their phone's mobile broadband connection without paying for a carrier tethering plan. After a few months of inactivity, Tether is now back as an HTML5 app. The new HTML5 version of Tether crea...

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iTether app allows tethering even if your plan doesn't (Updated: Apple pulled it)

Update: Despite Tether's assertions, Apple has pulled this app from the store. Update #2: Tether confirmed in a blog post that Apple pulled its iTether app because it could place a burden on a carrier's network. It appears that iTether may be gone for good. Apple reportedly "offered us (Tether...

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Verizon now cracking down on jailbreak tethering and apps

Verizon is now blocking customers from tethering for free on their data plan. For years, savvy smartphone owners have used hacks and software to connect their laptop or tablet to their phone's mobile broadband connection without paying the additional US$20 monthly charge for tethering. Until no...

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An ode to iPhone tethering

Sometimes I feel sorry for you poor iPhone users in the US. Sure, the telecommunications landscape in New Zealand isn't exactly perfect, but our small nation has the US beat on at least one very significant point: unlike AT&T, our wireless providers let us tether our iPhones as much as we want (...

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iPhone hacksugar: Creating a MyWi WiFi hotspot with your jailbroken phone

Here's the thing. You know, and I know, that AT&T has not yet enabled tethering in the US for the iPhone, while carriers all across the globe have already given their iPhone customers the ability to use their phones as wireless modems for their laptops. You and I also know that strictly speaking...

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IPCC tethering trick no longer works in iPhone OS 3.1 beta 2

Torqued over the lack of tethering support from AT&T? Taken matters into your own hands? TUAW has learned that, with the release of iPhone OS 3.1 beta 2, tethering via the IPCC hack no longer works for AT&T customers. While iPhone OS 3.0 provides support for tethering, AT&T has yet t...

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Rumor watch: AT&T tethering plans may be announced this week

It's been under the rumor banner for some time now, but we've been told by a trusted source that the long-awaited AT&T iPhone-as-modem tethering plans (preliminary details in MacBlogz' post from November: 5 GB data cap, $30/month supplementary cost) may be ready for prime time during Macworld Ex...

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AT&T to charge $30/month for tethering, says MacBlogz

Ars Technica's Justin Berka quotes MacBlogz, which claims a source at AT&T confirmed that tethering for the iPhone will closely resemble the phone-as-modem plans already available for BlackBerry. The plan will cost at least $30 a month, and the cost will be rolled into a new plan for the iPhone....

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AT&T exec confirms iPhone tethering on the way

How's this for a telephone game: Technologizer's Harry McCracken reports that AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph De La Vega told Michael Arrington that the iPhone will be allowed to work as a tethered wireless modem for notebooks. It will be available "soon." Allegedly. Our own Mike Schramm noted possible ...

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My ideal iPod touch

Don't get me wrong, I love my iPod touch. As a matter of fact, I'm writing this post with it on the beach as my girlfriend goes surfing. But with Apple's new product announcement on Tuesday, it makes me wonder what changes could be in store for our favorite supercharged music player. I think the sin...

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What happened to NetShare? - UPDATED

It was there. And now it's... gone. What happened to iPhone 3G tethering app NetShare? For a while it was live on the App Store, for a meagre ten bucks. Then it vanished. And now, it seems to have vanished from Nullriver's web site, too. Their news page has no mention of NetShare. This smells of law...

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Tether your iPhone to get online with EDGE

Who cares whether Apple or AT&T might shut down your account or slam you with an exorbitant data bill - figured out how to tether your iPhone to get web access with... well, EDGE. It may not be Wi-Fi or even EVDO, but EDGE should be able to save the day in a pinch, but none of ...

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How To: Tether a Samsung BlackJack to get your Mac online

About a month ago I swallowed the poison and picked up a Cingular BlackJack, a new Windows Mobile Smartphone (I know, I know). I had been looking to step up to some sort of a PDA phone so I can surf and keep on top of WIN/TUAW business without having a MacBook sewn to my head, and so far it's been w...

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BlackBerry OS X tethering a reality

This should please all you BlackBerry toting OS X users out there. Alex King has been on a mission for some software that would allow him to tether his Mac to his BlackBerry, enabling him to take advantage of the BlackBerry as a modem. He went so far as to collect a bounty of $700 for the first pers...

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