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Apple rejecting Flappy Bird knockoffs, and other news for Feb. 17, 2014

In a hopeful sign that the Flappy Bird craze is abating, Apple has begun rejecting apps that are knockoffs of the popular Flappy Bird game. You'll remember that the developer pulled the game last week, saying that its popularity was overwhelming. Since then, many knockoffs have appeared in the App...

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Daily iPad App: Puzzlejuice

Puzzlejuice is an inventive new game from the creators of Solipskier. Mike and Greg's Greg Wohlwend and partner Asher Vollmer have created a hardcore puzzle game that spans the genre and lets you sort it all out. The basic mechanic of Puzzlejuice is more or less that of Tetris. Blocks fall from th...

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EA (re)releases Tetris on the iPhone

Electronic Arts has released yet another copy of Tetris, this time for the iPhone, and it's actually pretty good. In addition to all of the other big releases on the App Store last night, Tetris showed up and replaced EA's older version of the game. While it might seem strange to redo a game th...

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Angry Birds hits 10 million iPhone downloads, coming to gaming consoles

Angry Birds creator Rovio has announced that the game has fetched a whopping 36 million downloads so far, including ten million paid downloads on the iOS platform alone. Those are some pretty incredible numbers -- there's no question at all that Angry Birds is as legendary an app on the iPhone as t...

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TUAW's Daily App: Ponk

At its core, Ponk plays a lot like Dr. Mario or Tetris. You have different colored balls falling from the top of the screen, and you've got to line them up with balls of the same color to make them disappear and score points. But Ponk takes its touchscreen placement very seriously -- touch not only...

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TUAW's Daily App: The Screetch

The Screetch is a great game with a funny name. At its heart, it's a match three game; you want to match three of a kind for a certain round gem while you're constantly dropping them from above (Tetris style). The game's namesake is where things get slimy, though. The Screetch is constantly "infect...

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Top Terminal easter eggs

Yeah, the headline makes it sound like the eggs are on their deathbed. But no, easter eggs (in software jargon) are little presents or surprises that developers have slipped into an application or operating system. One excellent place to find easter eggs in Mac OS X is in the Terminal. Now techni...

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TUAW Quick Plays: Alchemize, Dizzypad, Alice in Wonderland

Here's a quick look at three games for the iPhone and iPod touch we've gotten a chance to play lately. Alchemize is an interesting twist on the old Tetris/Dr. Mario dropping block gameplay. The idea is that you twist and drop pairs of potions that will match up whenever three of the same kind to...

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Apple yanks iPhone game for being "too much like Tetris"

Shaker, a fun "Tetris-like" game with a martini theme, has been pulled from the App Store. TUAW provided a first look at the game back in early September. According to sources, developer Phunkware was told that Shaker would be removed from the App Store after the Tetris Company and Tetris Holdings L...

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First Look: Shaker for iPhone

Finally, an iPhone app James Bond could love. Phatware, yet another name from the Windows Mobile development world, has created a new business unit to create and sell iPhone apps. This unit, known as Phunkware, has come out with a fun (but rather pricey, IMHO) game called Shaker. As the website note...

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Developer to pull Tris from App Store tomorrow

Tris Developer Noah Witherspoon has conceded to removing his app from the App Store after pressure from the owner of the copyright for Tetris. Tetris offers its own app for $9.99, while Tris is free. Macworld reviewed both games, and found the official version, developed by EA, lacking. It takes abo...

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iPhone game news from EA's press conference at E3

I'm at E3 in Los Angeles all week for TUAW's sister site Joystiq, and this afternoon we got to see the Electronic Arts press conference at the Orpheum Theater. Among bigger EA games like Spore and Dead Space, Travis Boatman (who has graced these pages before talking about mobile games on the iPhon...

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Quinn is not Tetris, is Universal

I love this quote from the Quinn author Simon Härtel: "Quinn is an implementation of a popular falling-blocks game which, according to the Tetris Company, must not be named here." We've mentioned this game before as " of the most beautiful applications on the Mac." Version 3.5 continues t...

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Widget Watch: Tetris Widget Round Up

When digging around on the net this week, I found more than one solution to TUAW reader/commenter Aaron Garn's need for Tetris in the Dashboard. First up is MiniTetris by Shock Widgets, a slightly laggy, really miniature tetris. Secondly I found LIFEwaves' fig-leaf-decorated over-priced, and apparen...

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