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iOS 7: See the timestamp on every Messages bubble

With iOS 7 officially out of the bag, there is no shortage of tips coming in highlighting many of the new tweaks users can expect to see in Apple's new mobile OS. One particularly welcome addition to iOS 7 is the ability to view timestamps for individual text messages. To do so, simply swipe to the...

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Gliph launches new Cloaked Email service that'll hide your real email address from prying eyes

Gliph, an online and mobile service that lets you send text messages anonymously, has expanded its offerings to include a new Cloaked Email service. As its name implies, Cloaked Email lets you hide your real email address when you send and receive email from someone that you don't know. It's a ...

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Samsung getting in the mobile messaging business with ChatOn

Samsung today announced they are entering mobile messaging market. Like Facebook Messages, which hopes to kill off text messaging for good, Samsung's ChatOn is a cross-platform messaging service for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Samsung's own Bada OS that offers users the ability to send text, ...

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AT&T to eliminate $10 text message option for new customers

The company that's becoming increasingly famous for regularly shooting itself in the foot when it comes to customer relations just blew off another toe. Our sister site Engadget reports that AT&T is "streamlining" its text messaging plans for new customers; when translated from PR-speak, th...

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Apple to redesign iOS notification system

Cult of Mac is reporting that Apple is planning a revamp to its iOS notification system. iOS's current notification system, which is used for everything from text messages to push notifications, has remained virtually unchanged since the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007. The current notif...

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SwirlySMS brings free SMS app to iPad 3G

Released today, "SwirlySMS free for iPad 3G" offers a free SMS solution that allows you to send and receive messages from your iPad 3G. This is a jailbreak-only solution. Available from the Cydia store, the new app uses your iPad's SIM to introduce native texting without having to hack your way into...

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Apple patents content filter for outbound text messages

Ever the kid-friendly outfit, Apple filed a patent in 2008 that aims to make text messaging safer for the children. TechCrunch reports that today, the US Patent and Trademark office awarded Apple a patent which puts a ban on sending obscene text messages sometimes called "sexting." The technology wi...

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Apple photoshops iPhone into iPod touch

The careful readers at Engadget have noticed that Apple cut a few corners (so to speak) on its website documentation for the latest iPod touch. There's no ear speaker or phone service on the device, obviously, but nevertheless Apple's iPod touch display units show that the Phone app is still sittin...

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Pinger's Textfree delivers billionth free text message

Among the many methods available for getting around AT&T's stronghold on text messaging and the exorbitant rates associated therein stands a giant in the form of an iPhone application. Pinger's wildly popular app "Textfree" puts the power back in the hands of users by creating a simple and elega...

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ShoutOUT TXT brings voice recognition to SMS messaging

ShoutOUT TXT is a new app for the iPhone [iTunes link] that lets you dictate text messages to your iPhone and send them just as you would with regular SMS text messaging. You set up an account and text away, using your existing contact list, or entering any phone number that can be texted. After ...

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TUAW Sunday snacks: Some tasty tidbits of random information

In between watching those Sunday NFL games, we're hoping that you're snacking on some TUAW goodness. For your munching pleasure I thought I'd cook up some of the interesting tidbits that have accumulated in our inbox this morning and present them to you for consumption. First, from TUAW reader Tom, ...

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Yet another iPhone security bug

Just when you thought your iPhone was more secure than ever, you might want to think again. Programmer Karl Kraft's 12-year-old son was the one to uncover the security risk of the iPhone displaying text messages while in emergency call mode. With the iPhone locked with a passcode and text message p...

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SMS Mac - send SMS from Address Book - for a price

Since we found it, SMS Mac has stirred conflict between price and convenience for us here at TUAW, but I nevertheless felt it pertinent to blog the latest v2.1. Besides the $10/yearly price and $5/50 SMS messages, quit a bit has changed from that original version. It now includes both a Dashboard ...

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