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Daily iPhone App: Curved

I have a soft spot for image editing apps that let me add some flair to the photos I take with my iPhone. One app that has made its way into my permanent tool bag is Curved. As its name implies, Curved Text on Photo lets you overlay multiple layers of curved text on your iPhone and iPad images....

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Ulysses strives and seeks to be a better text editor for Mac

Not long after I got my first personal Mac in 2004, I began looking for a robust writing program to replace Microsoft Word. There were a few good offerings that catered to what I wanted -- a word processor and a project manager. There was Circus Ponies' NoteBook, and I also used CopyWrite for a...

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AppleScripting Email > Developing a Quoted Reply Service

A reader recently wrote to me with a problem. Apparently, Microsoft Outlook no longer contains the ability to create quote level chunks of text when replying to messages in plain text format. Why this functionality was removed, I can't say. But, with a little help from AppleScript and Automator, I...

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DevJuice: Spellchecking short strings

A few years ago, xkcd created a crowd-sourced color survey to collected real-world hue descriptions. You'll find the hilarious results here. I've been working on updating my UIColor utilities as part of building a color-sampling app. Stumbling across this survey, I decided to add the xkcd color...

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Daily iPad App: Rich Notes is another snazzy note-taking solution for your iPad

There are a ton of great note-taking apps out there for the iPad at this point (one of my favorites is Penultimate), and because there are so many available, choosing one is really up to personal preference at this point. Rich Notes is a relatively new entry to the pantheon, but it's free (whic...

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Nice roundup of Markdown-ready Mac apps

Markdown can be a huge time saver, once you figure out how to use the lightweight markup language. Learning it, though, can be daunting to those with little or no prior knowledge of HTML. To help get you started, Appstorm recently published a list of over 35 different OS X apps that support the...

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Over releases Overgram, a free version of its popular text-over-photo app

Over, used by many to add typography to their photos, is now available in a free version that'll let you add text to images and share the results with friends and family. The new Overgram app includes 10 fonts and the ability to manipulate the font before its applied to your photo. You can resi...

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Google Drive for iPad adds rich-text editing for docs

Google released Google Drive in April, which gives users 5 GB of free online storage for their Google documents, photos, videos, PDFs and more. There's a Mac app available, and earlier this month, Google updated Google Drive for iOS (free, universal) to include rich text editing. This update, ve...

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Liquid Information is like a Swiss Army knife for text

Liquid Information is one of those time-saving utilities that you can't live without once you start using it. Advertised as a "Swiss Army knife of text," the OS X utility lets you select a string of text in any app then search, look up, translate, calculate and share that information quickly. A...

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Video shows another way Apple could implement text editing on iPad

As noticed by iDownloadBlog, YouTube user danielchasehooper has come up with an idea that would simplify text editing on the iPad by making it even easier to select text. Instead of tap, hold and zoom to select text, you could use a finger swipe to move the cursor and hold shift to select the t...

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Daily iPad App: Say Anything lets you get somebody's attention without saying a thing

Sometimes you need to get a person's attention without saying a word. You can wave your hand wildly at them, but all that vigorous movement may scare them away. A better way to get someone's attention is to pull out your iPad and fire up a banner app like Say Anything from Appy Inc. Say Any...

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Daily iPhone App: Drafts lets you save short snippets of text

Drafts from Agile Tortoise is the ideal digital notepad for the person who wants to capture a thought before it's gone. It has a simple UI that doesn't get in the way of its primary function, which is jotting down notes. The app opens to an empty draft that's ready for you to record your late...

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iTextEditors provides quick app reference for plain text fans

The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who love to edit text files on the iPad, and those who really, really don't. For everyone in the first group, our resident mad scientist Brett Terpstra (ably assisted by a crew of volunteers including TUAW contributor Michael Jones) has kicke...

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WWDC Alerts will help make sure you get into Moscone

Two Mac developers have created an alerts service, which you can sign up for free right now, that will let you know the very moment that tickets go on sale for this year's WWDC in San Francisco. Just put in your cell phone number, send back one code for verification, and then you'll get a text ...

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Auto-complete keyboard found in iOS 5

It seems iOS 5 is full of hidden "gems" (aka features Apple didn't deem worthy of making publicly available yet), like the earlier panorama camera stitching feature. This time, hacker Sonny Dickson found an Android-like word suggestion bar tucked away in iOS 5. Personally I'm not a huge fan of ...

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