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iPad: The ultimate textbook

The school district probably won't be too keen on slicing up a pricey textbook, but there's no doubt it's now much more useful. [Photo Credit: Anthony DiLaura]...

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Textbooks swapped for iPads by Irish school

A small secondary school in Ireland is doing something extraordinary -- ditching textbooks for iPads. Starting in September, St Coleman's College in the town of Claremorris in the west of Ireland will give students the option of learning from regular textbooks or specially equipped iPads, accor...

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Bigwords.com app provides a cheaper way to buy textbooks

As a parent of two adult children, with one just having left school and the other finishing a Master's degree, I know that buying textbooks at their staggeringly high prices adds insult to the injury of tuition, housing and living expenses. Over the last few years, the market has made historic ...

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