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Google Play Books for iOS update includes support for textbook rental

Yesterday, Google issued an update to its free Google Play Books app for iOS, adding not only the usual "stability and performance improvements" to the app, but also providing some important new features that should be helpful for students as the school year quickly approaches. The app provides a...

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Smart textbook maker Kno introduces Kno Me, adding stats to studying

Kno turns old-fashioned educational textbooks into interactive learning experiences. Adding links, multimedia and features like flashcards and quizzes, Kno already offers a powerful experience for students. Of course there are tools for adding notes, comments and such, but each student also has...

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Inkling now available for iPhone

Inkling is a popular virtual textbook publisher on the iPad, and it's recently expanded over to the web, allowing students to access their virtual textbooks from anywhere. Now, the company is adding one more platform to its repertoire: the iPhone. The Inkling app is now universal, which means y...

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Inkling to sell iPad textbooks in over 900 college bookstores

Inkling is an e-book publishing platform that's currently running an app on the App Store, and while Apple has been making an official push for more textbooks in iBooks, Inkling is strengthening its own holdings. The company has made a deal with Follett to bring hundreds of Inkling titles into ...

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McGraw Hill VP bullish on $399 iPad 2 for students

At Apple's education keynote in January, McGraw Hill Education was announced as one of the partners in the initiative to move textbooks to a digital format. The company's vice president of new ventures, Vineet Madan, is impressed with the power and display of the new iPad, but says he thinks that ...

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Inkling launches Inkling Habitat for textbook publishing

iBooks Author was announced last month to a lot of hoopla, but left many ebook publishers wanting a textbook authoring tool that would streamline the entire book publishing process and have more features. Today, Inkling announced their new online ebook publishing tool -- Inkling Habitat -- that is...

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Estimated 350,000 iBooks textbooks downloaded in three days

Apple's textbook endeavor may be off to a better start than anyone expected. According to Global Equities Research, a firm that tracks iBook sales, iTunes customers downloaded over 350,000 textbooks in the first three days of availability. The system also logged 90,000 downloads of iBooks Author, ...

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iBooks Author: An ebook publisher looks at Apple's textbook creation app

TUAW's Erica Sadun and I are ebook publishers. Late last year, we started up an ebook publishing company -- Sand Dune Books -- and were fortunate to hit a publishing home run right off the bat with our book "Talking to Siri." Since we're familiar with the tools used to create documents for publishi...

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Why McGraw-Hill is selling iBooks for $15

The announcement this morning that textbooks would be sold through the iBookstore wasn't especially surprising. But the price was; full-featured multimedia electronic textbooks being offered for no more than US$15 is exactly the kind of disruptive shakeup the industry needed. While only the K-12 e...

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Apple posts video of education event

Apple has posted a video of the education event it held earlier today. The video is available for streaming on Apple's site, or you can download a higher quality version from iTunes. This is Apple's first public event since October's introduction of the iPhone 4S. In this video you'll see the...

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iBooks 2 showcased with preview of E.O. Wilson biology textbook

As part of today's education announcement, you can pick up a preview of the biology textbook book E. O. Wilson's Life on Earth as a free download from the iTunes store. Requirements for this title are an iPad running iOS 5 and the latest iBooks version, the newly released iBooks 2. Parts of this t...

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Apple to bring interactive textbooks to the iPad with iBooks 2 (Updated)

Today is Apple's big education event and the company kicked off its announcements with iBooks 2, which will bring a new textbook experience to the iPad. As expected, these textbooks will include standard text interspersed with interactive high-quality images, videos, animations and 3-D models. ...

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Bloomberg: Apple plans to bolster iPad use in schools

Bloomberg adds yet another dollop of confirmation to the rumors about tomorrow's event that Apple will have plenty of educational news to share. Most of the rumors have revolved around a textbook-based system for iBooks, and Bloomberg agrees, saying that Apple will introduce not only more textb...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: The pre-show show of shows

There's lots to talk about on TUAW TV Live this afternoon -- tomorrow is the early morning Apple education event, next Tuesday we'll hear all about how well Apple did in their first quarter earnings call, and next Thursday is opening day of Macworld | iWorld 2012. That means there's plenty of t...

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What to expect from Apple's education event: Digital textbooks, 'GarageBand for ebooks'

The Wall Street Journal and Ars Technica have weighed in with information about Apple's upcoming education event. Both outlets cite the usual "people familiar with the matter" for their information, and their sources have generally given accurate info in the past. With those caveats out of the ...

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