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The best Mac and iOS apps I used in 2010

Following up on my article about the best Mac apps I used in 2010, here are some of the best hybrid "Mac and iOS apps" I used in 2010. This wasn't an attempt to come up with a specific number, just the results of some careful reflection. You may wonder why some apps appear on this list instead of th...

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Macworld 2010: Pre-show deals

If you are joining us at Macworld this week, you know that deals abound on the show floor -- every company usually has some sort of show discount or sale going on. And sometimes, even if you're not here at the show, you can still take advantage of the sales back at home. Here's a few we've seen eve...

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TextExpander touch on sale to celebrate WriteRoom for iPhone integration

When TextExpander touch for the iPhone was announced, one of the exciting aspects was the SDK to allow other developers to integrate TextExpander's technology into their iPhone apps. The new version of WriteRoom for iPhone now includes TextExpander support. With this announcement, SmileOnMyMac ha...

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TextExpander available for iPhone/iPod touch

TextExpander for the Mac has been one of my favorite utilities for several years. The ability to define "snippets" of text which expand into words, phrases, sentences, or even the outline of entire documents has been invaluable. When I heard that TextExpander was coming to the iPhone/iPod touch, m...

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