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5 apps to help make your turkey tasty this Thanksgiving

Before you pop that turkey in the oven and start whipping those potatoes, you better make sure you have your recipes out and your ingredients in order. If you are hosting a big Thanksgiving meal and need some help in the kitchen, here are five apps that'll help save the day. You might also check...

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Cook that turkey, drink that wine! Five cooking apps for Thanksgiving

Are you ready for the Thanksgiving Day feast tomorrow? If you're a typical American, the day will go something like this -- wake up, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV, watch some football, eat some snacks, cook and eat a huge feast, watch some more football while dozing, eat some desser...

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Mmmmm...Hot Apple Mac mini pie for Thanksgiving

While purists may sneer, there are a lot of us who love apple pie for Thanksgiving dinner instead of the traditional pumpkin pie. After seeing this Apple Mac mini pie and the dough-logo Apple pie, you may never want to eat pumpkin pie again. The geniuses at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories provide...

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