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Dan Chung photographs the Olympics using an iPhone, Snapseed and some binoculars

When you think of professional photographers shooting sporting events, you usually visualize huge Canon or Nikon lenses mounted on expensive camera bodies on top of massive tripods. But as The Guardian's photographer Dan Chung proves, sometimes you can do just as much with a lot less. Throughou...

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Apple reportedly working on "adaptive streaming" for iCloud music

The Guardian is reporting that Apple is working on a new method of "adaptive streaming" for music stored in iCloud that will "adjust itself to the bandwidth and storage available on the receiving device." The UK paper is less clear on exactly how that new format will be implemented, saying that it...

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The Guardian comes to the iPad

The British national daily newspaper The Guardian has come to the iPad. The 190 year-old newspaper is celebrating its iPad launch by allowing users access to their first 86 issues (starting on the day you launch the app) for free when they start using the app. After that time, a monthly subscri...

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Guardian iPhone app debuts, subscription available to UK customers

The Guardian has released a brand new version of its iPhone app on the App Store, this time featuring a subscription model for UK customers. Lots of publications have been trying to get Apple to approve a subscription model for apps, but The Guardian went ahead and did it themselves, offering up a ...

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The Guardian announces subscription-based news app, is rumored Newsstand looming?

AppleInsider reports that, on Thursday, The Guardian announced it will be replacing its current app with an all new version "soon." Although the current version of the app will continue to work (but eventually be discontinued), the new app is to introduce The Guardian's award-winning video, reader c...

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