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Friday Favorite: The Levelator, friend to podcasters everywhere

We've mentioned it before (via Laurie and Scott's posts back in ought-six) but it's worth a Friday Favorite: if you're looking for a free, cross-platform tool that does one thing to audio and does it very very well, you need to download The Levelator today. The Levelator is offered by The Conversa...

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The Levelator 1.1.0

We first wrote about The Levelator when it was just a wee app in beta, but now it is all grown up and has hit version 1.1.0. The Levelator, as you might recall, can take an audio file and automagically adjusts the levels so everything has the same base level (though some things are louder than other...

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Beta Beat: Enhance your podcast audio with The Levelator

The Levelator, from GigaVox Media does one thing, does it well and has no bells and whistles to confuse you. In fact, it has no real settings at all. It takes your audio file (WAV and AIFF files at the moment) and normalizes the volume giving you a much more polished and consistent sounding podcast....

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