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The Little Things: Infinitely large targets

Some of the unsung wonders of working in Mac OS X are the features influenced by Fitts' Law. I first saw this concept mentioned and articulated by John Gruber in his Fitts's Law and the Apple and Spotlight Menus portion of a Tiger Details page he was maintaining after the launch of 10.4. In fact, ...

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The Little Things: Drag and drop

TUAW reader Chris Roberts was right: it's been far too long since our last post in The Little Things series, so I figured I'd pick up the slack with a really handy feature of Mac OS X: drag and drop. Sure, most OSes these days can drag and drop at least some things, but Apple has gone to great len...

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The Little Things: there are only two versions of Mac OS X

It's been a while since we've had an entry in The Little Things, a series that examines the unsung features of the Mac and its community that we appreciate. A post from The Macalope brings to light a great one: Apple's KISS policy towards the versions of Mac OS X and how they're named. [Update: Mik...

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The Little Things: anti-aliased fonts help Mac OS X shine

Continuing our new The Little Things series that highlights the often-overlooked polish and underrated features that make Mac OS X such a joy to use, I thought I'd highlight one of those 'guy behind the guy' features that makes Apple's OS so gorgeous: font anti-aliasing. Nerdy, I know, but check ou...

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