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iPod touch stolen, used by war vet for prosthetic hand control

The opinion people have about thieves in general is pretty low, but a thief who broke into the truck of 27-year-old Afghanistan war vet Staff Sgt. Ben Eberle deserves loathing of a special kind. The thief took an iPod touch especially configured with an app called i-limb, used to control a prosthe...

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"Activation Lock" in iOS 7 responsible for pronounced decrease in iPhone thefts, lawmakers say

The "Activation Lock" feature Apple introduced in iOS 7 is already having a discernible impact on crime, according to law enforcement officials in a few major cities. If you recall, Activation Lock prevents would-be thieves from turning off "Find my iPhone" without first entering the appropriate i...

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This case would probably prevent a lot of iPhone thefts, too bad it's apparently crap

Everyone knows that smartphones are a hot target of thieves these days. They even have a special name for techniques used to snag iPhones from unsuspecting victims. But you know what nobody is stealing these days? Flip phones. Well, aside from the out-of-touch criminal who is still all about the M...

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iOS 7: Activation Lock secures your device in case of theft (Updated)

Find My iPhone in iOS 6 was great for locating your lost or stolen phone and for locking down your data, but it had a major flaw. A tech-savvy thief could restore the phone, remove the SIM card and walk away scot-free with your phone. Thanks to an enhancement to Find My iPhone called Activation Lo...

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Stolen car with child inside tracked and found by Find My iPhone

By now we've heard several stories about how Find My iPhone has allowed someone to recover a stolen iPhone, iPad or Mac. Today, that story gets a new twist because the app was instrumental in helping police track down a stolen car with a 5-year-old child inside. As reported by ABC, a father's SUV w...

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Recent Apple thefts include high-speed NYC chase, Colorado storefront smash-and-grab

Apple devices keep their value, which makes them an attractive target for thieves. Two recent stories highlight how both individuals and Apple stores are vulnerable to theft. One report involves a movie-like high-speed chase, while the other one features a well-timed smash-and-grab heist. The New...

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Daily Update for May 6, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires ...

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Chinese man steals iPhone from bicyclist using chopsticks

A talented thief is making headlines in China after he pickpocketed an iPhone from an unsuspecting bicyclist. What makes the theft newsworthy is his method of stealing -- some careful moves and a single pair of chopsticks. Photos of the theft hit the Internet in China and show a man in a suit...

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Thieves rob Vancouver Apple Store with bear spray

In the US, thieves drop from rooftops and smash cars through storefronts in order to rob an Apple Store. In Canada, they use bear spray. According to a report in the Toronto Sun, three suspects entered the Apple Store in Vancouver's Oakridge Centre and sprayed the store with bear-strength pep...

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Apple, NYPD working together to locate stolen iPhones, iPads

The New York Post is reporting that the New York Police Department has assigned a team of cops to work with Apple on facilitating the return of stolen iOS devices. The move is in response to widespread theft of popular iPhones and wireless-enabled iPads in the city. The policemen work with th...

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Gadget reseller Gazelle works to deter thieves

Thieves who steal iPhones and iPads are going to have a harder time getting rid of their stolen hardware thanks to a new partnership between Gazelle and CheckMEND. According to VentureBeat, Gazelle will soon scan all its trade-in devices against CheckMEND, a service that compiles information on...

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Thieves smash car into Leawood, Kansas Apple Store

If you can't strong-arm your way past Apple's security, smash your car into the store instead. That's what someone or a group of people did at the Apple Store in Leawood, Kan., early this morning. Fox 4 from Kansas City reports that police are looking for a suspect or multiple suspects that r...

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Steve Jobs' stolen iPad used by street performer

To close out the work week, here is a story from the Mercury News about the late Steve Jobs's iPad and how it landed in the hands of a middle-aged performer known as Kenny the Clown. As the story goes, professional clown Kenneth Kahn was given an iPad by his friend Kariem McFarlin. He thought...

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Undercover 5: the best way to secure and recover a stolen Mac

A few years ago I wrote about Orbicule's Undercover 4 software. Undercover lets you remotely track and monitor a missing Mac, and can even help you recover your stolen gear. Given the Mac security issues in the news over the last few days, it's worthwhile reviewing some best practices to help k...

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Subway iPad theft leaves reporter with broken jaw

A new iPad, iPhone or other shiny electronic device is an attractive target for thieves, as Wall Street Journal reporter Rolfe Winkler now knows first-hand. But there are a few simple tactics to reduce your chances of having a device stolen from you, and the mobile industry is looking at furthe...

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