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Apple Store thieves arrested after robbery

Apple Stores continue to be a target for theft around the United States, apparently -- this time a robbery went down in Scottsdale, Arizona, where a trio of young thieves busted in the glass doors on an Apple Store, and tried to get away with $75,000 worth of Apple devices. The group robbed the...

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Apple Store thieves descend from roof in San Francisco

ifoAppleStore.com is reporting that thieves broke into the Chestnut Street Apple Store in San Francisco last night, apparently entering the store through the roof straight into the inventory area in back of the store, and making off with an undisclosed amount of Apple devices. Unfortunately, I ...

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Norwegian Apple reseller suffers break-in, 50 boxes stolen

An Apple reseller in Norway, of all places, suffered a break-in earlier this morning. According to the main local paper, Aftenposten, the thieves stole a BMW, which was then used to back into the store as seen in the wild pictures above. Once the storefront was broken open, 50 boxes were lifted fro...

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Thieves steal iPad, finger

Ugh, this is a grisly one -- Bill Jordan picked up an iPad for someone else the other day from an Apple Store in a Colorado mall near him, and as he walked away, some thieves grabbed his bag away so quickly that it took part of his finger off. Scary stuff -- apparently two young men followed him ou...

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Thieves steal $10,000 of gear from an Apple Store

Thieves broke into an Apple Store in Palo Alto, California, and within two minutes had nabbed $10,000 worth of gear, including six laptops (gotta be MacBook Pros, right?) and two iPhones. And apparently they trucked right over to Los Gatos, and did the same thing about an hour later. There's no doll...

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7 easy steps to keep your laptop safe

Folks, this ain't rocket science, however, it is a good reminder. Macsupport.ca has posted 7 tips that'll help keep your shiny Mac laptop out of the hands of thieves (or will at least foil them when they attempt to get your precious, precious data). As I mention the tips aren't mind blowing, but th...

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