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The iPod touch doesn't have a light sensor because it's 'too thin'

Kevin Tofel over at GigaOm stepped into the sunlight this past week (a dangerous endeavor for any blogger, let me tell you), and found out something strange about his new iPod touch: It doesn't have an autobrightness function. That's because it doesn't have a light sensor at all, apparently: Th...

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Logitech reveals Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the new iPad

Logitech unveiled a new cover for the iPad that's thin, lightweight and houses a 5-row keyboard. As shown above, it also functions as a stand. The keyboard connects to your iPad via Bluetooth and has a six-month battery life when you use it two hours a day. Just like a Smart Cover, it has a m...

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Rumor: Apple's next 15" laptop refresh will be Air-like

Considering the extraordinary success of the MacBook Air in its previous and current refreshes, it doesn't take a particularly accurate crystal ball to predict where the overall laptop lineup is headed. Apple's buying power in NAND flash memory helps it deliver SSDs in portable machines at lower ...

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Found Footage: MacBook Air makes thin in again

Is anyone else worried about Apple's obsession with being thin? This issue has come up before, but while last time around it was supposed to be serious, this time it's just plain silly. While Apple is crowing about releasing the world's thinnest notebook, nobody's thinking about the self esteem of ...

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Has the 12" PowerBook simply disappeared?

It appears as though Apple has completed their portable lineup's transition to Intel chips - and the 12" PowerBook was the clear odd-man-out (sure, the 14" iBook disappeared too, but everyone knew it had to). I noticed last night that apple.com/powerbook simply redirects to apple.com/macbook, with ...

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Kensington brings that portable keyboard feel to your desktop

I need to come clean: I thoroughly enjoy working on my PowerBook far more than my iMac G5. Why? Other than the obvious portability factor: it's the keyboard. Aside from an ergonomic (where'd those go, anyway?), the PowerBook's keyboard is about the best darn keyboard I've ever laid hands on. Every s...

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