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Isolator: Think Again

We recently mentioned Freeverse's Think, a little utility for helping you concentrate on one task by hiding away all the other windows besides the foreground application. Apparently somebody else liked the basic idea, but didn't quite like Freeverse's somewhat involved execution and so has whippe...

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Think 1.0

Applications that offer 'full screen' modes are all the rage now a days. The idea is that if you run one application in full screen mode you won't be distracted by all those other things that fight for your attention on your Mac. The good people at Freeverse are savvy to this, but they figured why b...

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Apple Matters does the math on Think Secret's accuracy

I'll admit to being just as interested in what Apple has up their sleeve as the next guy, but I've always harbored a chip on my shoulder towards the rumor sites. The constant 'anonymous' sources who wind up all too often being as clueless as they are nameless have always irked me, and James R. Stoup...

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