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If I couldn't use a Mac

Joshua Piven's The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook sits on my desk. The book provides instructions on how to deal with certain scenarios, say wrestling yourself free from an alligator or landing an airplane. What it doesn't provide, however, is a guide for going without your Mac and using a Wi...

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Found Footage: Thinkpad MacBook Air parody

There are two hot ultraportable computers on the scene now-a-days: the MacBook Air and the ThinkPad X300. Some clever Lenovo lover created this MacBook Air ad parody which points out the key differences between the Air and the X300: number of ports and an internal DVD drive (only available on some ...

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Thinkpad MagSafe Hack

I've long been of the opinion that Thinkpads are the PowerBooks of the PC world, and if not for the fact that they don't run OS X, I'd be very tempted to consider one when it came time to buy my next computer. Make points us to an enterprising Thinkpad owner who was having some trouble with a flaky ...

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Powerbook vs. Thinkpad

David Parmet has written an amusing piece for Apple Matters lamenting his wife's recent ThinkPad purchase. Now, we Mac folks have got it good with Powerbooks and MacBooks, but I must say that I find it unfortunate that David had to pick on a ThinkPad. Are they sexy? Well, not really but they are sol...

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Thinkpad running OS X 10.4.3

Engadget has some video of OS X 10.4.3 running on a Thinkpad (which is the only kind of PC laptop I like) and it is running 'like butter.' Take a look (85.9MB file) at the video and see for yourself....

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