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Rhapsody won't sing Apple's subscription tune

Hit the fight bell, because here we go -- Harry McCracken reports that Rhapsody is the first company to pass on Apple's new subscription rules, saying in a statement that Apple's arrangement is "economically untenable." Typically, they say, a Rhapsody subscription only costs them a 2.5 percent cr...

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McAfee predicts Apple under threat in 2011 (again)

It happens around this time every year -- some company that makes its money from security computers claims that next year will finally be the year the Mac goes under attack from virus programmers. This year it's McAfee, who are claiming in a report that due to the popularity of iOS devices, Apple w...

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Cisco adds Security Intelligence Ops to iPhone portfolio

Despite some security-conscious enterprise experts pointing accusatory fingers at the rather bleak encryption story and only-recently fixed ActiveSync policy compliance on the iPhone platform, there's no doubt that IT and network professionals are grooving on the iPhone -- there are many apps design...

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iPod sex toy maker threatened by Apple over use of silhouettes

Remember the iBuzz we found over a year ago? The supposed iPod sexy toy accessory that can *ahem* buzz along to your favorite tunes? Turns out they started employing some silhouette marketing to the product, which earned them a threat of legal action from Apple over the use of their darling faceless...

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