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Three UK switches on its 4G network, gives users free calls, text and data in the US

If you're an iPhone owner on the Three network in the UK, you're about to get a double helping of good news. First, Three has quietly begun switching on its 4G network in select locations in the UK as of yesterday. The company is expected to officially make the announcement of its 4G activation to...

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UK's Three to sell iPhone 5c and 5s this Friday with unlimited 4G data

The UK's low cost mobile carrier Three has just announced that it will begin selling the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c with unlimited 4G data on Friday, September 20. The iPhone 5s will be available starting at £99 and the iPhone 5c will be available starting at £49 on a 24-month contract fr...

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Three rolling out its 4G network in the UK this December

Yesterday, both Vodafone and O2 in the UK switched on their 4G networks in select cities throughout the country -- a full 10 months after the UK's first 4G provider, EE, did. And while the wait has been long for some 4G competition, it's now nice to have some options here. However, perhaps a littl...

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3's data network dies, UK iPhone owners left without 3G

Last night I was walking my dog and I went to check my iPhone and noticed I didn't have a 3G signal. Sadly, this was nothing new since I am on UK network 3. I chose the network because they have unlimited data sim-only plans, but I soon discovered it's hard to get a signal a lot of times -- especi...

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Three UK bringing low cost 4G to your iPhone

Three has announced that low-cost 4G networks in the UK will soon be a reality. The 4G LTE standard has been slow to roll out in the UK compared to other countries. Currently iPhone 5 owners in the UK (and owners of compatible WiFi+Cellular iPads and iPad minis) have just one option: the carr...

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January 27, 2010: Apple announces the iPad

iPad is three. It was January 27, 2010, when CEO Steve Jobs took the stage to show the world what the company had been cooking up in the lab. Our staff roundup and anniversary post from last year include many of the highlights, but in the past 12 months Apple's tablet has continued to set records ...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Is Ireland's 3 carrier blocking Cydia?

Dear Aunt TUAW, It looks like 3 Ireland, the one of the Irish iPhone carriers, has blocked Cydia's servers from their network. I'm experiencing errors refreshing data from and can't get Cydia to work at all. Can you suggest a work-around for those of us on 3? Help a jailbr...

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UK telecoms Three, Orange and T-Mobile launch subsidized iPad plans

Following up on the announcement made a few weeks ago, UK telecom providers Three, Orange and T-Mobile formally launched their iPad subsidies today. Those of us in the United States are used to having our cellphone prices subsidized by signing contracts, but so far we don't have anyone subsidizing o...

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Three will carry iPhone 4 in the UK, O2 cuts off unlimited data

While American iPhone users are limited to a single carrier, the UK offers plenty of choice to customers. Three has announced that they will carry iPhone 4, with pre-orders beginning on June 15th. O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone were all confirmed on the 7th. Even poor math students will notice...

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Three-pane turns into a plug-in

Well that was quick. First received a widescreen, three-pane face-lift, and now it's been morphed into a plug-in. The author provides two different sets of instructions for installing: drag and dropping into your ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/ directory or using a couple of commands in Terminal. ...

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Give a three-pane view

For those of you longing for the often-requested three-pane view in, Tim Gaden at Hawk Wings has dug up yet another stellar find: an actual working version. This Ars Technica forum thread begins with the typical "gee, it'd be great if..." post which oh-so-often yields productive results su...

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Triple boot your MacBook Pro

Booting only two OSs on your MacBook Pro is, like, totally so last week. Aside from earlier reports, it apparently is possible to bring a third OS to the party, as has posted a how-to wiki for booting WinXP, Mac OS X and Linux on a MacBook Pro via Boot Camp (so far, this is untested on ot...

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