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AT&T adds a throttling limit of 3GB for iPhone owners on unlimited plan

AT&T announced on Thursday that it now has a policy for throttling users on unlimited data plans. According to an AT&T statement relayed by Ars Technica, the wireless carrier will begin to throttle customers with a 3G/HSPA+ handset at 3 GB and 4G LTE handset owners at 5 GB. This new 3 GB s...

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Small claims action to combat AT&T data throttling

Are you an iPhone owner with an unlimited plan? Are you being throttled by AT&T for using the data on your plan? If so, you may want to follow in the footsteps of Matt Spaccarelli who sued AT&T in small claims court. After a quick trial, the judge awarded him $850 in damages. AT&T's co...

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Reminder: AT&T data throttling begins Oct. 1

Just a reminder that starting Saturday, AT&T will begin throttling customers who use excessive data on their unlimited plans. Customers identified as bandwidth hogs will have their speeds reduced for the remainder of their billing cycle. Once a new cycle starts, full service will be restored....

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