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The oversized iPhone 6 Plus needs an oversized thumb to match

Did you order an iPhone 6 Plus only to find that the phone was far too big when it finally arrived at your door? I mean seriously, the thing is practically a coffee table. But that's ok, thanks to Japan's Thanko Inc., which has come up with an absolutely genius solution to the phablet problem: A b...

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Rockmelt social browser goes thumb-crazy for iPhone

The Rockmelt "social browser" has been on quite a ride over the past few months. It transitioned from a desktop tool to an iPad app, giving Apple's tablet users a graceful way to browse, share and enjoy their favorite sites. The mobile browsing experience described by Harry McCracken as "a litt...

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University of Calgary experimenting with one-handed iPhone gestures

A research team from the GroupLab at the University of Calgary is working on a set of new single-handed gestures for the iPhone called the the Fat Thumb interaction technique. This technique lets you hold your iPhone with one hand and use your thumb to interact with the UI. The team conducted...

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Thumb draws opinions from the crowd, enhances iPhone app

The opinion-based social utility Thumb, approaching its second birthday, has overhauled its free iOS app and added direct like/dislike voting to its core ask-a-question feature. The new 3.5 version of the service delivers tighter social integration, in-app messaging, leaderboards/rankings and an ...

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