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Opera 9 goes Universal

Opera, the little browser that could (and did - go free, that is), has finished its beta and reached version 9, going Universal in the process. New features include: a built-in BitTorrent client adding your favorite search engines to Opera's search bar simply by right-clicking them site-spec...

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Saft 8.3.0

PimpMySafari noticed that Saft, a vital Safari plug-in, has been updated to version 8.3.0. New and updated features include: New feature: AutoComplete always on New feature: Tab thumbnails (like Shiira’s Tab Expose, not Omniweb style) Improvement: Also restore tab history when undoing c...

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Batch process your images with SmallImage

SmallImage is a nice piece of freeware for anyone who works with a lot of photos all day long. Just drop a folder full of images into SmallImage's main window, and you can remove your photos' embedded profiles, resize them, create thumbnails and then re-compress them with one click. As you can see f...

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Widget Watch: iPhoto Mini

The iPhoto Mini is definitely one of the better-made iPhoto widgets I've seen available. Its function is pretty straight-forward: the widget can browse thumbnail-size images of the pictures you have in your iPhoto albums. A drop-down menu contains a list of all your albums, complete with total image...

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