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How 'Marklar' OS X on Intel owes its start to a one-year-old boy

It's among the most famous skunkworks projects in personal computer history. Marklar was a secret Apple development program to put Mac OS X on the Intel x86 microprocessor -- or in some sense put it back on Intel, as the underlying NeXT OpenStep OS did work on x86 chips. Ten years ago this Augu...

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iTunes, Tiger, and irrational ire: The difference between updates and upgrades

Update: After we posted this story, reader Nate emailed us to suggest that if you find yourself in Rupert Jones' shoes (with a new iOS device that requires Leopard/iTunes 10 for sync support, but still running Tiger on your Intel Mac), call AppleCare. He says that Apple's support team will ask ...

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Report: 68% of Mac users running Snow Leopard

As GigaOm points out, a new report from Net Applications shows that 68% of Mac users are running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Mac OS X 10.5 is a distant second at 24%, while Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger holds just 6% of the Mac market. The remaining 2% is made up of Macs running Mac OS X 10.3 or below. For t...

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TenFourFox brings Firefox 4 to PPC Macs

Firefox 4 received quite a bit of fanfare when it finally rolled out of beta. Unfortunately for some Mac users, Mozilla decided to drop support for PowerPC processors and therefore Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger from FF4, meaning that G3, G4 and G5 users were left out in the cold. If you're one of these u...

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Solved: The case of the missing .Mac widgets

Back in April of 2005, Apple released the much-awaited Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" OS. One of the big new features of Tiger was Dashboard. The overlay feature supported Widgets, mini-apps that were the descendants of Mac OS 9 Desk Accessories, and that some might consider the precursors to modern iOS a...

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FaceTime becomes a desktop application

Facetime made its grand debut as part of iOS4 (specifically on the iPhone 4 hardware). It expanded to a nice user base once the fourth generation of the iPod touch was released. In today's event, it was announced that in the first four months of Facetime's existence, said user base grew to 19 millio...

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Widgets: "iPhone apps, I am your father."

Don't get me wrong, I love the iPhone and its App Store juggernaut, it's just sometimes it seems that people have forgotten all about the iPhone app's father: the Dashboard widget. First introduced in Mac OS X Tiger in 2005, widgets changed the way people quickly accessed simple information on the...

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Apple fixes security issues with Security Update 2009-005 for Leopard and Tiger

Appearing alongside the Mac OS X 10.6.1 update, Apple released another update today: Security Update 2009-004 is out for users of Leopard and Tiger. This update patches several vulnerabilities, including the security issue with Flash that was also part of Mac OS 10.6.1. It's available now through...

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The $29 Snow Leopard upgrade: usable for 10.4 Intel Macs as well?

Walt Mossberg has answered a Snow Leopard upgrade question that has been on just about everyone's mind. Do you need the full $169 box set if you are upgrading from Tiger? The answer is apparently no, not exactly, although that is what's required by Apple's EULA. You will be able to install the $2...

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Apple releases Security Update 2009-004

Amidst the Safari and AirPort updates yesterday, Apple has released yet another update today, Security Update 2009-004. This update patches a single vulnerability affecting the BIND DNS server. It's available now through Software Update or Apple's support downloads page, and is available to download...

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New security updates for Tiger are out

Amidst the release of Mac OS X 10.5.8 for Leopard users, Apple has also released Security Update 2009-003 for users of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. This update fixes 7 of the same security vulnerabilities that were patched as part of the 10.5.8 update. There are updates available for PowerPC and Intel versi...

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Security Update 2009-002 available for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

The updates keep coming from Apple today. Security Update 2009-002 for Tiger is now available, both Intel and PPC. According to Apple, this update " recommended for all users and improves the security of Mac OS X. Previous security updates have been incorporated into this security update." It's...

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Getting the little things right in Mac OS X

Mac OS X has been pretty much a dream for me. I can't ever remember getting the Apple blue or gray screen of death. My Mac Pro is up 24/7 and only reboots when I've done a software update. Most of the time it happily chugs along. The same is true for my MacBook Pro. It's been problem-free except for...

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Apple t-shirt quilt available on eBay

I don't know how comfy a quilt made out of t-shirts would be, but maybe the fact that they're all Apple t-shirts will help. That's exactly what this quilt is made out of -- it's up over on eBay right now, and while the price is only around $36 at the time of this writing, it's probably gone up sin...

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Apple releases Security Update 2008-007

Apple released Security Update 2008-007 for Mac OS X Leopard and Tiger users today. The update addresses many specific areas of the Mac OS, including: Apache, ClamAV, CUPS, Finder, and more. A full list of the areas affected by the update can be found on the Apple support website. The update is av...

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