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Looking for Easter eggs in iOS and its apps

We're one day late on this one, but rather than brightly colored hidden eggs for Easter, in this case we're of course referring to "easter eggs," little secrets that programmers hide in their applications and code. Macworld has a great roundup of four easter eggs hidden in popular App Store app...

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TUAW's Daily App: Super Blast 2

I have to admit that I never played Super Blast, but the sequel has entertained me for a little while now. It's a straight-up shooter game with a nice, easy control scheme. All you do is tilt your device to aim and shoot, and you can occasionally tap the screen to clear it with a bomb. It's a tried...

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TUAW's Daily App: Tilt to Live HD

The quirky and fun Tilt to Live is one of the most-loved iPhone games out there, according to its fans, and now, lucky iPad owners get their very own version of the title with Tilt to Live HD. Rather than just a port, the big-screen version updates the graphics and brings a new model into the mix. ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Chuck Gnome

At first glance, I thought Chuck Gnome was kind of gimmicky -- haven't we had enough of doodles and birds and cute little characters? But it is a fun little arcade game (I would say try the lite version before you jump in for the full US$1.99). The game has you slingshotting a gnome at various movin...

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Chopper 2 out now

We've mentioned Chopper 2 a couple of times during development, once to show off the TV out function built into the game, and again when we met up with creator David Frampton at WWDC. Now, development has finally finished, and he's released the game out on the App Store. You can pick it up for a la...

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Tilt: an iPhone Game

Tilt is a proof-of-concept game developed by Nicole Lazzaro, Joe Hewitt, Colin Toomey, Kent Bye and Felipe Ortiz during last weekend's iPhoneDevCamp. To play, you tilt your iPhone to catch each falling block in its properly colored receptacle--blue in blue, green in green. The catch is that the gre...

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