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Caught on camera: Two thieves grab iPads and run

Everybody loves iPads, ... even thieves. At about 2:46 PM CT yesterday afternoon, security cameras and employees at Chicago-based MacSpecialist watched as two warmly-dressed thieves first "tried out" iPads at a stand-up kiosk, then ran out the door with them. According to MacSpecialist COO (and occ...

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TUAW TV Live - Today it's twice the fun

Welcome back for another hour of TUAW TV Live, our weekly live show where you can join in on the fun. Today, of course, the show is going to be twice the fun when Tim Robertson of OWC Radio and MyMac.com joins host Steve Sande for a lively discussion of the Apple world. Whether we're talking a...

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TUAW TV Live this afternoon -- The Steve and Tim tag team show

Long-time viewers of TUAW TV Live will remember that we had OWC Radio and MyMac.com Podcast host Tim Robertson on the show a while back, and it was a blast. That's Tim in the photo at right, doing his best to imitate a fish out of water. Tim and I tend to riff off of each other pretty well, so it wa...

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TUAW TV Live: Talkin' tech with Tim

We're back for another fun hour (or two) of TUAW TV Live, today with guest Tim Robertson. Tim's a longtime Mac blogger and podcaster, and he's currently the host of OWC Radio at Other World Computing. Tim's always a lot of fun to converse with, and you never know what kind of trouble the two of us w...

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TUAW TV Live: Coming your way today at 5 PM EDT

Wednesdays are always a special day here at TUAW, because it means that not only is there one less day in the week that Apple can spring a new surprise announcement on us, but it's also the day for TUAW TV Live. Join your host Steve Sande and special guest Tim Robertson for an hour of discussion ...

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