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99 Games focuses on time management genre, looks ahead

This week's Game Developer's Conference was, I believe, the second time I've meet up with 99 Games, an independent, India-based studio with quite an iOS library. The company has found an audience with time management games. These ask you to manage virtual customers, moving them from point A to poi...

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TUAW Smackdown: iPhone time management games

Time Management games challenge you to run some kind of business operation while balancing your resources against the demands of customers. In the following write-up, I tested five popular time management App Store games to see how well they delivered the fun and strategy of challenging yourself aga...

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The Pomodoro Technique, or how a tomato made me more productive

I've alluded to my search for personal organization a couple of times during 2009. While it's not something that I'm obsessing about, I now capture my major goals in Things, and that at least tells me what I'm supposed to be doing in terms of short and long-term goals. However, I found that sometime...

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OmniFocus for iPhone finally has reminders, but implementation is awful

[Update] Ken Case comments below, addressing some of the concerns listed here. It looks like a future version of OmniFocus on the Mac will be able to directly update the OmniFocus reminders on the server, removing at least one of my complaints. Ken Case from The Omni Group has been twittering for a...

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Project Calculator

People seem to enjoy tracking the time they spend on various projects, so it's no surprise that a plethora of project-tracking apps are cropping up. We've mentioned dozens in the past, including iRatchet, iBiz, Billable and even On the Job, but now users have a new choice on the 'simple and strea...

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Improving time management with an iPod

The iPod does not jump out at me when I'm asked to think of time management tools. Entertainment and amusement? Certainly. Office tasks like note-taking, calendar management and work-flow? Not so much, even if you allow for iPod voice recording attachments. Bill Bennett (and I'm pretty sure it's not...

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