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Tag: time-lapse

A new app takes Time Lapse photos in HDR

Apple's new Time Lapse feature in iOS 8 has spawned several apps that want to improve on the basic time lapse capability. That brings us to the aptly named Time Lapse with HDR app (US$1.99) from Lucky Clan. It's an additional feature for the company's Time Lapse app which I reviewed this summer. ...

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How Apple implemented time-lapse video in iOS 8

One of the great new software-based camera features Apple tossed into its bag of iOS 8 tricks is the ability to take time-lapse video footage. Curious as to how Apple implemented the feature, designer Dan Provost of StudioNeat -- purveyor of the Glif -- recently conducted a number of tests to...

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Apple's awesome iOS Camera feature they didn't mention on stage

Apple spent a whole lot of time talking about photos today during its WWDC 2014 keynote address. From iCloud Photo Library to smart image adjustments, there is clearly a lot to be excited about for iOS shutterbugs. But there is one feature that wasn't mentioned on-stage, yet it has appeared on App...

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Thalia Lapse HD/R lets you take high-quality time-lapse movies in HDR on your iPhone

Thalia Lapse HD/R is an unwieldy name, but it's an app that does something that has been a bit of a holy grail for iPhone photographers. The app takes time-lapse sequences, but that's not the unique part. This US$2.99 app takes multiple exposures and tone maps them to give you a high-quality finis...

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Magic Window time-lapse desktop adds scenes, we look behind the curtain

I've looked at Magic Window a couple of times, first for the iPad and then in its OS X incarnation. The Mac version of the app has been updated today and now includes a total of 60 stunning scenes to spruce up your desktop or to use as a screensaver. The app is also on sale for $2.99 to celebrate...

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Earthlapse is a window on the Earth from space

Earthlapse is a beautiful US$0.99 app for iOS that gives you an International Space Station view of the earth moving below. There are 8 time lapse scenes of weather, docking spacecraft and aurora in high resolution that is almost lifelike. You can control the speed of the movie, superimpose cur...

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As Time Goes By HD for iPad is half-baked

Every so often we get a request to review some software that sounds intriguing and we try it and like it. This is not one of those times. I've been playing with As Time Goes By, an app that has what is advertised as 'compatible with new iPad resolution'. The app has full screen time lapse loops...

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Plato shown holding an iPad in a creative clay sculpture (video)

When technology meets art, the possibilities are endless. We have seen the iPad used as a canvas to paint portraits, most recently of Woz, and multiple iPads used to create a giant Lara Croft-emblazoned iPhone. This latest iPad-themed artistic experiment takes a traditional sculpture of Plato and p...

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Time-lapse tips for your Mac and iPhone

I've been messing around with more video lately, and considering doing some time-lapse work, so this post over at Macworld came at the exact right time for me. Heather Kelly walks you through some options, from expensive to free and complicated to simple, for creating time-lapse pictures and video...

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Gawker updated with more camera support, desktop time-lapsing

Gawker, the clever app for recording, sharing and combining time-lapse movies, has been updated to version 0.70 with some unique features. It is now compatible with non-iSight cameras, including even DV cameras, and can record from up to four cameras simultaneously (when you consider the power of us...

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