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Three reasons I love Timehop

When I first read about Timehop, the concept seemed interesting, but I really wasn't sure I wanted to install yet another social media app on my iPhone. Mike Rose wrote a glowing Friday Favorite about the app, so I grudgingly grabbed Timehop from the App Store. I'm now glad that I did, for a few ...

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Timehop partners with USA Today to bring old news back to life

The iOS app Timehop offers you a glimpse into your social networking past, but with its newest update, it also lets you take a peek at antiquated news stories as well. TNW reports that Timehop has partnered with USA Today to offer the top news stories from years past that were published on what...

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Friday Favorite: Timehop traces your digital footsteps through the past

Human brains are funny things when it comes to time. We spend a lot of our mental energy thinking about the future -- where to vacation, what to eat, when to quit and who to marry -- but what really fires our synapses is a little taste of the past. The future may be awesome and mysterious, but we...

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