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Resolve to keep better track of client billing in 2010 with Time Keeper!

For self-employed consultants and anyone else who charges clients by the hour for their services, keeping accurate track of the time worked on various projects is critical. Time Keeper! [$2.99, iTunes Link] from Netwalk is the newest in a genre of iPhone / iPod touch apps that serve as pocketable bi...

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iBiz 4 adds new invoice templates, iCal sync

Yesterday, IGG Software announced iBiz 4, an update to its flagship timekeeping and billing software that adds several new features for freelancers and small groups. iBiz 4 includes an all-new library of invoice templates, payment reminder and expense tracking functionality, faster editing and entry...

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App roundup: Timekeeping and billing (Part II: The Quickening)

I got a lot of feedback from commenters yesterday about the app roundup of timekeeping and billing software. Turns out that little part about not having a comprehensive list didn't satisfy anyone! So let's add to our list, and include five more apps and services to make you a billing maestro and tim...

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App roundup: Timekeeping and billing

When I started freelancing last November, I knew I needed to get my act together about billing. I have a love/hate relationship with billing: I love getting paid, but I hate doing billing. Thankfully, there are many, many apps that help you do this. If you're just starting out, you might be a littl...

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