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Tag: tip of the day

Typing the euro symbol - Tip of the day

Want to type the € euro symbol on your keyboard? How you this depends on your region. In the US, the secret combination is option+shift+2. For many (but not all) Europeans, it's Option-E. Apple's TA26547 knowledge base post contains a handy list of other region-specific solutions....

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Restore Apple TV - Tip of the day

You can restore your Apple TV both on the unit itself and through iTunes. Choose Settings > General > Reset and click Restore to return your device to its factory-fresh state. If you can't make this happen directly, there's also iTunes. Make sure you have a micro USB cable on-hand (a lot of ...

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Apple TV DFU mode - Tip of the Day

Need to put your Apple TV into DFU mode? Hold down both Menu and Down button for about 6 seconds (until the device starts to reboot) and then switch immediately to Menu and Play buttons. If you are connected to iTunes via a micro USB cable, keep holding Menu and Play until iTunes says that it...

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Reset your Apple TV - Tip of the day

Apple TV acting wonky? If you're dealing with a blank screen or your unit no longer responds to the remote properly, a reset might help. Reset your unit by holding Menu and Down on the Apple remote until the Apple TV status light blinks rapidly. Once you see the blinking white light, release ...

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Setting your Apple ID in Lion

While it only affects a few functions now, like AirDrop, your Apple ID will be even more important when iCloud is available. To set your Apple ID in Lion (provided you have one), go to System Preferences and click on Users & Groups. There you will see your login information plus a button to s...

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Speed up Empty Trash

If you've got a bunch of locked files in your Trash, the 'really delete?' warnings can be a drag. You can speed up the Empty Trash process and bypass all the warnings (use with caution!) by holding down the Option key before choosing the command from the Finder menu. Notice that the ellipsis disa...

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Quick-change your audio devices

The stealthy and powerful Option key strikes again. If you need to quickly switch between audio input or output choices, no need to open up System Preferences and click around. Just hold down Option and left-click on the Sound menu icon at the right side of the menu bar. You can adjust your inp...

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Clearing old addresses from Mail's auto-complete list

If you find yourself inadvertently emailing friends or colleagues at the address they quit using years ago, chances are's Previous Recipients list is at fault. It's easy enough to clear out the cruft; just go to Mail's Window menu and choose Previous Recipients. Select the addresses yo...

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Tip of the Day 20100528

Did you know that you could use Command-A with text fields on the iPad? It's very handy when using an external Bluetooth keyboard. It selects all the text in the field and displays a touchable Cut - Copy - Paste menu, letting you easily replace the field text or copy it to the system pasteboard. ...

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Tip of the day: Reset Leopard's Printing System

Printer sharing not working on Leopard? Try resetting the print system; right-click the printer list in the Print & Fax pane of System Preferences. This will wipe out your configured printers and let you start over. Here's the contextual menu. You can get a shortcut to the reset button by option...

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