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Awesome Safari tip in iOS 7 you probably weren't aware of

Mobile Safari in iOS 7 introduced a number of new and interesting changes to the way users browse the web and access information. One such feature you may not be familiar with is dubbed "Shared Links." "Shared Links" allows you to quickly and seamlessly scroll through all of the links in your Twitt...

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How to secretly take photos and videos with your iPhone

Here's a quick and fun tip only available in iOS 7. So if you're one of the few people still hanging on to iOS 6 for dear life, perhaps this will convince you to jump ship. Thanks to iOS 7's affinity for translucency, you can now take photos or videos with your iPhone while no one's the wiser. To ...

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Little-known options for the OS X login window

If you have your login window set to show the Name and Password fields (as opposed to the "List of users" or auto-login), you will see a window like the one shown above when your Mac first boots, when you logout, or when you change to the login window if you have Fast User Switching enabled. ...

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Mac 101: Keyboard tricks for Finder navigation

You may know that you can expand and collapse Finder folders in a tree view using the left and right arrow keys. But did you know that you can expand or collapse all of the root-level folders at once? It's a cool trick that can save you a lot of time when navigating your Mac's files. With the Finder...

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Auto refresh any web page

Last night when the Apple store went down, I got tired of hitting refresh in Safari every few minutes while waiting for it to come back up, and went searching for something that would do the job for free. Now, this is not for coders who will laugh hysterically at my incompetence, but for those of...

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