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Remind yourself to get things done with Air Tasks

Air Tasks is a free gesture-based app for the iPad or iPhone that's perfect for those of you who take a minimalist approach to your to-do list. In the sea of productivity apps in the App Store, Air Tasks gestures are the only thing that make the app stand out. The gestures make adding tasks f...

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TodoMovies: The must-have movie app for movie lovers

Taphive's TodoMovies (US$1.99) app for iPhone has recently been updated to version 2.0. I'd not seen or used TodoMovies before, but as a huge movie enthusiast, I knew I had to check it out. At its heart, TodoMovie is an app that keeps track of movies you want to watch, but it's supercharged i...

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Daily iPhone App: ListBook: A list app with location based reminders and more

NoIdentity's ListBook (US$1.99) is a straightforward list compiler that looks great and has some well-implemented features to help you get on top of all those lists and things to get done. The list maker lets you compile numerous lists and add items (or to-dos / tasks) to those lists. To crea...

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Wunderlist announces Wunderlist Pro for Mac, iOS and the web

The folks behind Wunderlist, the excellent to-do app that recently updated to version 2, have announced that Wunderlist Pro is almost ready for prime time. Wunderlist is a free service and is remaining free, but Wunderlist Pro is a new premium service that's designed to help get Wunderlist work...

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Wunderlist 2 goes native, adds many new features to beautiful, free app

6Wunderkinder's Wunderlist 2 is now available on desktops (as a native app and a web app) and iOS devices to make personal productivity more connected, more social and more informative than ever before. To-do lists are probably the most commonly downloaded and then least-used apps across th...

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Clear for Mac, Clear for iPhone/iPod touch 1.2 announced

Users of the innovative Clear "to-do list" app for iPhone and iPod touch have some good news today; a Mac version of the app is on the way, as is an update to the original iOS app. The app is a collaboration of Realmac Software, Impending and Helftone. What's new? TUAW had an opportunity to p...

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Daily iPhone App: Clear uses iPhone's intuitive interface to its advantage

We got a sneak peek at Clear last month, and fellow TUAW editor Steve Sande and I have been happily playing with the beta ever since. The collaboration between Realmac Software, Milen and Impending, Inc. has turned enough heads that it caused a knockoff to briefly appear in the App Store over the w...

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Ripoff of upcoming Clear app appears in App Store (Updated)

Days before the launch of Realmac Software's Clear to-do manager, developer Reejo Samuel, who is not on the Real Mac team, has ripped off the software and released it on the App Store. Clear has gotten quite a bit of buzz, and we got a sneak peek at it during Macworld | iWorld 2012. With the inter...

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Daily iPad App: 2Do

I'm not exactly the paradigm of organization -- it took me years to get a regular calendar set up and working, my email inbox is usually a mess of various reminders and things that need replying to, and my present to-do system is usually just whatever piece of paper I can grab in real life and ...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: Producteev

Task management is something most loathe but have to do to keep productive. Producteev, a previously web and iPhone app focused task management service has just launched a Mac app. Producteev focuses on creating and managing tasks with the ability to connect those tasks with other people, oth...

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TUAW's Daily App: Diacarta

Diacarta is a to-do app like you've never seen. I saw it on the excellent Well-Placed Pixels blog, and the design of the thing is really interesting. Basically, to add items to the to-do list, you just add icons to the image of the clock. Once items have been added, you can see a visual represent...

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TaskPaper for iPhone, simplified to-do lists go mobile

TaskPaper, from the developer of WriteRoom, has been around for a while, and we've been talking about it since version 1.0. After what seems like a long wait, TaskPaper for iPhone is out. The super-simple to-do list with surprisingly robust capabilities is now mobile, and syncs with the desktop vers...

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First Look: CheckOff 4.0 for Mac OS X

I'm one of those people who "Gets Things Done" the old-fashioned way. I've tried just about every To-Do list manager for the Mac and iPhone, and I still end up resorting to writing lists in my Moleskine notebook and then crossing off the completed items. Still, when I saw that an upgrade to CheckOff...

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AppleScript: Creating To-Dos in iCal

Recently, a friend asked me to create an AppleScript that would allow him to automate To-Dos with a mail rule. I immediately rose to the occasion because this was a cool idea: could run the script when you get an ebill, for instance, for your car payment. The script would then c...

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FlexTD - Free, Fast To-Do Entry

Up until today, entering to-do info into iCal was an exercise for my mouse-clicking finger. I'd click iCal in the Dock, click again on that little pushpin icon, and then finally double-click to create an empty to-do task to fill in. One more double-click, and I could actually edit the to-do and put ...

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