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You can buy Steve Jobs on a piece of toast for $20 (yes, you read that correctly)

I love Etsy for the simple fact that you can find products on it that you'd never see elsewhere. Like, for example, a ridiculously accurate representation of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs burnt into a piece of toast. For this piece of used-to-be-edible art, you must pay a measly US$20. Ok, maybe tha...

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Amazon says 'no MAS' with Mac Download Store

In the next effort to go toe-to-toe with Apple, Amazon took a swing at the Mac App Store and launched the Mac Download Store today. While its offerings aren't as robust as the Mac App Store, Amazon scored some big points by offering Mac software for download that Apple doesn't have -- namely Mi...

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Roxio's Toast 11 offers improved import, iLife browsing, more

Everyone's favorite media toolkit, CD- DVD- and (heretical) Blu-Ray burner and breakfast food (apart from porridge) has turned the volume knob up to 11 with the latest version of Roxio's Toast. The update aims to allow you to take more or less any piece of media in any format and transform it t...

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After iLife '11: Alternatives to iDVD and iWeb

Over the weekend TUAW is going to be featuring in-depth reviews of the new iLife '11 suite -- or at least the three apps that were updated. As most of you know by now, iWeb and iDVD didn't receive an update at all. In light of that, we've compiled a list of several alternatives to iDVD and iWeb t...

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MacUpdate bundle gets Toasty, TUAW readers can win

The MacUpdate Promo bundle is back again -- this edition features the marquee player of Roxio's Toast 10 Titanium, for all your CD and DVD burning needs. Blu-ray and HD capabilities, if you need them, require the separate US$19.95 plugin from Roxio, but that's still only $70 for all the mojo of a...

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Roxio announces Toast 10 at MacWorld

Toast is the granddaddy of CD burning apps nowadays, an act that itself has become relatively obsolete (between iPods, internet radios, FM tuners, and streaming services, do we even really need to put media on a physical format anymore?). Roxio isn't sitting back with their software, though: they've...

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Roxio releases Toast 9 with streaming

With their newly-updated Toast Titanium 9, it looks like Roxio is really embracing new ways of using media, moving beyond Toast's original disc-burning functionality. New features include AVCHD camcorder video conversion, support for creating Blu-ray and HD DVD discs (though why someone would want t...

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How to create your own Toast DVD menu style

A while back reader Michael Coyle was nice enough to send us this write-up on how to customize Leopard's Guest account, and just recently he sent along another guide that you might not need right away, but will come in handy when you really need it. He's got an in-depth look at how to create a custo...

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Roxio ships TiVo to Go for Mac

Engadget and Zatz Not Funny! are reporting that Roxio -- yes, Popcorn, Toast with Jam, that Roxio -- has partnered with TiVo to deliver the long-awaited TiVotoGo for Mac client, built in to Toast Titanium 8. All together, everyone: "Wha?!?" The new Toast will allow you to browse your TiVo content, ...

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Disco revealed

Lots of people emailed us about Disco, the new app from the folks behind AppZapper and MacZot and we didn't post about it. Why? Because there was very little information about the app, other than it was supposed to be super cool. This all changed recently, though, since some screenshots were posted ...

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Toast Titanium 7.1

Roxio released an update to their flagship CD and DVD-burning software for Macintosh this morning. Version 7.1 is now a universal binary and provides fixes with issues related to Quicktime 7.1, AppleScript, the Toast Setup Assistant, and encoding Apple Lossless files. There aren't too many more appl...

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