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Fantastical vs. Today: Mac calendar app faceoff (Updated)

Earlier this week I reviewed Flexibit's new Fantastical app and Today from Second Gear Software. Both offer attractive and useful front-end access to iCal. Today I'll compare the two head-to-head and pick a favorite. Why these two apps? First, Fantastical is the fresh newcomer, garnering much w...

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Today is a useful, lightweight calendar app for the Mac

Today from Second Gear Software is a lightweight calendar app for the Mac that focuses on simplicity and speed. It's not an alternative to iCal, but rather a tidy front end. With some configuration, you'll be using Today to create events, tasks and more, all with custom keyboard shortcuts. I've sp...

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Today 1.6 adds natural language parsing for new events

Second Gear Software released version 1.6 of Today on Tuesday, fixing some minor bugs and adding natural language parsing to create new events. Today is a handy utility that fetches data from your iCal calendars, and displays only the events for today in a tidy list on your screen. Adding an event ...

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