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Apple reportedly planning new Apple Store for Japan

It's been seven years since the last Apple Store in Japan opened, odd considering the technical bent of the country's inhabitants and the fact that the first international Apple Store was located in Japan. Now ifoAppleStore is reporting that another store may be on the way to Tokyo by early 2014. ...

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Apple loses lawsuit appeal against Samsung in Tokyo court

Apple has lost an appeal to a previous ruling in favor of Samsung in a Tokyo court, according to Reuters. The ruling came from the Intellectual Property High Court where Apple had appealed an October ruling that found Samsung had not infringed on an Apple patent for synchronizing music and video d...

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Report: Apple set to relocate its Tokyo headquarters

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is all set for a planned move with its Tokyo headquarters. The company will relocate its Tokyo, Japan-based offices from the ward of Shinjuku to the slightly trendier neighborhood of Roppongi Hills. The building Apple is moving to also contains offices for Gold...

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Japanese court: Apple did not infringe on two Samsung patents

Samsung and Apple are waging a legal battle in courts all over the world. Though the decisions in the US, UK and Germany garner most of the attention, other cases in other jurisdictions are also making their ways through their court systems. In Japan, two rulings favorable to Apple were handed ...

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Runner's 13-mile trip is a tribute to Steve Jobs

In the days since the resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple, Inc., we've seen an amazing outpouring of love for the man and his legacy. But none of those tributes has had quite the impact of marathon runner Joseph Tame accomplished with an iPhone (actually two), the Runkeeper app and servic...

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Marathon man preps for second live stream, with multiple iPhones, iPad

Readers may recall our report last year on runner and TUAW reader Joseph Tame, who streamed the Tokyo marathon from a head-mounted iPhone. This year's marathon will be held on February 27, and Joseph has found additional ways to make the 42km run even more difficult. Check out the get-up that he'...

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Noby Noby Boy demoed at Apple Store in Japan

This one might require a little patience to watch, but those interested will be rewarded well, I think. The footage above is from an Apple Store in Toyko's Ginza shopping district, where none other than Keita Takahashi showed up to demo his latest iPhone game. Who's Keito Takahashi? He's the gaming...

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